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If you would like to book a reading, visit my booking page.
Payment accepted via PayPal or Square Cash app no later than 3 days prior to your scheduled reading.

Astrology Readings are 1.5 hours, $150

Digital audio recording available

• Comparison of tropical & sidereal natal charts: Explanation of the planets and how they reflect you and your life

• Rectification: Timing and verifying past life events to understand who and what each planet in your chart represents for you

• Forecasting and predictions: For the year surrounding your birthday

I use the sidereal zodiac to read astrology charts. Some people’s charts change dramatically. Some people’s charts don’t change much at all. You can view your sidereal birth chart by following the instructions outlined in this post. You can explore my philosophical reasons for choosing to use the sidereal zodiac in this post.

If you are new to the sidereal zodiac, I am willing to offer a reading comparing the two charts, tropical vs sidereal. I will offer a special reading for a short time.

Tarot Readings are 1 hour, $55

Use this 1 hour reading to answer a variety of questions.
Personal relationships

From time to time I offer specials on readings like $10 Tarot by email etc. Be sure to subscribe to my blog feed and follow me on Twitter to be the first to know about these specials.

Dream Interpretation is via email, $15 per dream

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