Guide: How To Cast Your Sidereal Solar Return Chart

This guide contains written and visual instruction for casting your sidereal solar return chart using I suggest that you familiarize yourself with my Guide: How To Create Your Sidereal Birth Chart first.

Navigate your web browser of choice to If you have an account, log in. If you do not have an account, make one and follow the instructions for casting your sidereal birth chart.

Once you navigate to, follow the instructions below to cast your sidereal solar reaturn

1. Click the three lines at the top of the homepage if you are on a desktop or laptop computer. The three lines will be in the upper right corner on the mobile version of Hompage

2. Click “FREE HOROSCOPES” in the menu that opens.

Main Menu

3. When the menu expands, click “HOROSCOPE DRAWINGS & DATA.”

Free Horoscopes Menu

4. On the next menu, click “EXTENDED CHART SELECTION.”

Horoscope Drawings & Data Menu

5. On the Extended Chart Selection page next to “HOROSCOPE FOR:” choose the name of the person you would like to cast the solar return chart for.
6. Click “CHART TYPE”. Scroll down to the “SOLAR AND LUNAR RETURNS” section, and click “SOLAR RETURN CHART.”

Extended Chart Selection

7. In the “START DATE” option, type the year you would to cast the solar return chart for.

Extended Chart Selection Page

8. Under the “ZODIAC AND HOUSES” section, choose the following options:

  • HOUSE SYSTEM: Whole Signs
  • ZODIAC: Sidereal
  • AYANAMSHA: Hindu/Lahiri

9. Click the “SHOW THE CHART” button to see the solar return chart.