Weekly Horoscope: January 16 – 22, 2023

Here is your Weekly Horoscope for January 16 – 22, 2023

Saturn dominates the sky this week as it resumes its once every 29 year transit through Aquarius at the New Moon in Capricorn. Also, Mercury finally stations direct.

This week’s themes: Having enough, Visibility, and Self-Determination

  • 17 – Saturn in Aquarius
  • 18 – Mercury in Sagittarius, Stationary Direct
  • 21 – New Moon in Capricorn
  • 22 – Venus in Aquarius; Venus conjunct Saturn in Aquarius

This is a sidereal astrology horoscope. Use this guide to cast your sidereal birth chart. Learn to read your sidereal birth chart, and identify its wounds and gifts.

Astrology time and Gregorian calendar time rarely align. Astrology time is segmented, named, and given meaning based on planetary cycles. Gregorian calendar time is segmented, named, and given meaning based on the imperialist whims of capitalists.

Saturn’s transit through Capricorn since 2020 has been all about time. In a recent post on Instagram, I asked what your sign’s inner child is asking your for. For Capricorn I wrote, “To have enough.” If we have learned anything, it should be that time costs money. Whoever has enough money has enough time. Enough time to be sick. Enough time to rest. Enough time to care for their loved ones. Enough time to play. Enough time to waste.

Who has enough money as the cost of everything continues to be inflated by the whims of the same capitalists who determine the value and meaning of time? Who has enough time to rest and fully recover from illness as sickness abounds?

This is what Divination For Liberation is for: The rejection of time as a capitalist commodity we seek to hoard by selling our labor, and the embrace of time as an oracle we use to divine our way to liberation.

Now, if ever there were a week that would explicitly let us know that we are in a new segment of Divination For Liberation time, it is this week. “2023” officially begins with the New Moon in Capricorn, and Capricorn’s ruler Saturn in a new sign–Aquarius.

Saturn started its transit of Aquarius back in April of 2022. [You reflect on what was happening in your Aquarius house April 28, 2022 through July 12, 2022 for insight on what Saturn is resuming in your life.[

Whenever Saturn changes sign our reality changes. Reality in this context meets at the junction of who and what we collectively ignore and who and what we give our attention, too. Yes, the gift of Saturn is sanity. You are deemed sane when you ignore what you are supposed to ignore. And if you do not ignore what you are supposed to ignore…

I would say that we’ve all agreed to ignore COVID. But the truth is that we’ve had our consent manufactured. We have had factual information withheld from us. We’ve been told explicit lies about the origins of COVID and the danger it poses to our lives. Many words have been written about the folks who refuse to ignore COVID. We’ve been called “the last holdouts”, anxious, and many derogatory terms, all as a means to question our sanity. “Why aren’t they ignoring what clearly doesn’t exist? Why are they paying attention to something that’s not real? They must be mentally unwell…”, they say.

With Saturn entering Aquarius, we still have this question of sanity hanging over us. Where Saturn in Capricorn meant that we ignore our bodies as we fall in line with the way that our bodies have been ignored by others; Saturn in Aquarius is about who we ignore.

Personhood is the designation of being human in the eyes of those who hold the power to grant life and make death. Unfortunately, in the capitalist white patriarchy, personhood almost always means white. And those deemed white have the power to extend or revoke that personhood based on their own claim to authority.

A question I pose often is, “whose vision determines what you see?” We assume that we see ourselves, each other, and this world through our own vision. If we are not seeing through our own eyes, whose eyes are we seeing through?

What we call the ‘self’ is an aggregate of internalized gazes. By gaze, I mean who and what other people perceive and/or demand us to be, and how they treat us and judge us. An internalized gaze, then, is the way we consciously and unconsciously see ourselves, each other, and the world through the judgements and perceptions of others. This often happens to the exclusion of our own gaze, until the time comes to see ourselves anew. That time is now.

From “Change My Name: Saturn in Aquarius 2022-25

I won’t carry on about Saturn in Aquarius. You can read the post I’ve already written. It’s linked above. For now, I’ll leave you with these questions:

  • Do you deserve to have enough?
  • What are you willing to do to have enough?
  • What are you unwilling to do to have enough?
  • Who does not deserve to have enough? Why?
  • What is your name (given name, pronouns, self-determined name) and its origins?
  • How does your name impact your ability to have enough?
  • How does your name reveal or conceal who you are in your own eyes?

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The Full Moon in Cancer is Coming…

The Full Moon in Cancer is coming, Thursday, January 28, 2021. Why am I telling you this now? Cause it’s gonna be ROUGH.

Here is the good news: You will have had 1 full year of Saturn in Capricorn by the time we get to that Full Moon. One full year of remembering that you are mortal. One full year of confronting the reality that YOU are the adult now.

The question is, have you approached this time with these things in mind? Have you confronted the fact that mommy and daddy can’t protect you from everything? …Can not, did not, will not.

And if you’ve looked to leaders in your community, nation, or family to be a good mommy or daddy…

Don’t get me wrong. YOU DESERVE to have your needs met, to be protected, to have your needs recognized. BUT! Have you embraced your ENTITLEMENT to have your needs met?

At your big age, how can you expect anyone—the government, your lover, your loved ones—to meet your needs when you are too ashamed to need?

3 of the 4 Cardinal signs will be occupied during the Full Moon in Cancer, January 28, 2021: Moon in Cancer; Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, and the Sun in Capricorn; Mars in Aries. That’s all of those red lines in this chart. Those red lines = power struggles, conflict, confrontation.

In our personal lives and in our communal lives, the Full Moon in Cancer (Jan 28, 2021) brings into focus:

Indulgence – Attunement – Addiction
Neglect – Resourcefulness – Repression
Abandonment – Courage – Recklessness

Addiction and Repression are two sides of the same coin: How does one learn to regulate a mind-body whose needs were never acknowledged?

Recklessness: The adults weren’t/couldn’t adult, so do you know where the limits are when you were expected to find them on your own?

Libra is missing from this Cardinal party. That means we will be looking to what Libra represents as a solution: objective agreed upon principles that help us know what to do in any given situation. That’s law and legislation.

Also, the pressure is on Libra + what it represents.

Last thing… don’t get caught up and sent off like ya’ll did last year. Tropical astrology had ya’ll ready for a Leo Full Moon party, but instead… you FELT that Full Moon in Cancer. Tell a friend!

Originally tweeted by The People’s Oracle (@PeoplesOracle) on January 18, 2021.

Facing Reality

There are 5 squares between planets in Capricorn and Mars in Aries beginning the week of January 4, 2021 through February 19, 2021.

8 – Mercury SQUARE Mars
12 – Mars SQUARE Saturn
23 – Mars SQUARE Jupiter
1 – Sun SQUARE Mars
19 -Venus SQUARE Mars

Mars SQUARE Jupiter between January 12 and January 23 is the timeframe I’m most concerned about, especially 13th and 14th and the 20th and 21st. Moon entering Capricorn and Aries respectively. I see two possible scenarios playing out.

First scenario is that forces of insurrection maximize the tools on hand to marshal their forces and bring their goal to completion. Mars SQUARE Saturn is much more taciturn and stern in terms of how much the two planet interact. Saturn is not with the BS. But, Jupiter?

Saturn in Capricorn sees the Fire of Mars in Aries and is unmoved. Jupiter on the other hand adds gasoline to the Fire. And the idea of a violent clash that leads to much death and harm is very very possible during those dates I mentioned.

Based on each planet’s unique relationship to Aries, Saturn is the planet that can stop this. How? Actual physical barricades, covid, death, imprisonment, hospitalizations. Venus in Capricorn actually can, too. But, that square isn’t until mid February. That’s when I see more military and police cooperation against rebellious forces. Sun and Jupiter, unfortunately, are friendly to Aries so there is some cooperation there.

The 2nd scenario I see a possibility for is that there’s a concerted effort to quench forces of insurrection, or covid deaths + fallout overtakes everything else. The only reason I see this as a possibility is because Saturn in Capricorn will be in charge of every planet in the sky (except Mars) come February 11. As a matter of fact, this is the case once Venus enters Capricorn January 27.

Either way, it ain’t over yet!

One last piece: These squares also correlate to other things going on like lockdowns, work stoppages, grounding of planes and travel, closing of restaurants and other businesses. Mars is movement, period. And so when it is participating in all of the squares, there are many forces at play that inhibit or block to stop Mars movement, or to narrow its path of possible movement.

As I have repeatedly said, Mars in Aries is about doing some thing because you possess the ability or will to do it. It does not take into consideration external factors that impact the outcome or lead to consequences, negative or positive.

I do not think we are going to go back to the kinds of sheltering in place we saw back in March and April 2020. At that time Mars was in Capricorn with the Jupiter and Saturn. And so Mars really could not move at all. With that being said, Once the Sun enters Capricorn (January 13) it will be building towards its square with Mars in Aries. We must keep an eye on leadership and how it uses its influence and power to quench forces of rebellion as well as stop the spread of c0vid.

Mars in Aries (December 23, 2020 through February 21, 2021 )

Mars moves through the sign sidereal Aries December 23, 2020 through February 21, 2021

Aries ram by The People's Orace
  • Acting in accordance with your abilities
  • Rooted in the power of your will
  • Fueled by your own strength
  • Resisting external attempts to control you
  • Choosing the direction and pace that you move in

Since Mars in Aries will be locked in squares with all the other planets which will be in Capricorn, the keywords here are :

  • Restraint
  • Self-discipline
  • Management

Mars in Aries is teaching me:

  • A healthy and flexible tolerance for difference
  • That I can in fact trust my power to control myself
  • I do know how to engage with my personal boundaries in a way that keeps me safe
  • I am powerful!

#QOTD What is Mars in Aries teaching you?