Weekly Horoscope: January 9 – 15, 2023

Here is your Weekly Horoscope for January 9 – 15, 2023

Finally, after 2.5 months, Mars in Taurus is ready to resume forward movement. We also get a brief stellium in Capricorn with the Sun’s Capricorn ingress. It joins Saturn and Venus there.

This week’s themes: The morality police, self approval, and being “good”

  • 9 – Venus TRINE Mars
  • 12 – Mars in Taurus, Stationary Direct
  • 14 – Sun in Capricorn

Mercury took the reins last week. With a Full Moon in Gemini at the midpoint of Mercury’s current retrograde journey, we saw how easily the truth gets lost in our own prejudices. One of those prejudices is our collective and individual moral compasses.

The ideal human, the “good” person, is one who fulfills all of their roles. They conform to their gender assignment so that they can be deserving of all that’s good in capitalism. Private property protected from “the poors” by the police, comfort, and an A*azon P*ime membership for speedy deliverable of a myriad of consumable goods.

“Good” women are mothers, altruistic, and self-sacrificing. They don’t complain. They dress modestly. They dutifully perform household labor, emotional labor, intellectual labor, and reproductive labor for the whole of the capitalist patriarchal society.

“Good” men are providers, strong, viral, and proud. They leave the hearth to “hunt” for tokens from a capitalist overlord who will chose them and their labor. They protect their kin with brolic and guns. They tolerate their wives for their wives’ caretaking skills, superior executive functioning, and gentle empathy. Can’t be caught being “soft”.

The majority still holds this view in 2023. During the entirety of this Mars in Taurus transit which began August 10, 2022, we’ve rehashed the same gender conversations. The clock app has been full of guides instructing women on becoming stay at home wives and girlfriends. Most folks do their best to conform the ideal version of their assigned gender without questioning who has determined those ideals. The consequences for failure are shame and rebuke… and violence. Emotional violence, psychological violence, and physical violence.

In Iran the morality police are explicitly named so with authority granted by the state. We don’t have an institution like that here in the US, at least not one named and identified as an entity in its own right. Yet, we each have morality police in our minds, and we are each policing each others’ morality. Social media is our favorite place to do so.

I don’t have to tell you about the coordinated attack on trans people of all ages, but especially children. Nor do I need to tell you about the ongoing dismantling of state protected access to abortion. And you know very well about putrid hate spewed at Meg Thee Stallion for holding that man who shot her accountable for his violence.

If only the children would be “good boys and girls”. And maybe people should be “good” and “virtuous” according to the Christian nationalist evangelicals and they won’t even want abortions anymore. And of course, Meg Thee Stallion is too self-possessed, to in touch with her body and sensuality and sexuality, too successful. If she would just “stay in her place” then she would not have been shot.

Morality is the ultimate prejudice. And it’s incredibly difficult to recognize because it often looks like common sense “right” and “wrong”.

As Mars resumes forward movement in Taurus, this question of what it means to be “good” looms over us. Approval seeking for Taurus is about conforming our external appearance to what will be deemed as “good” by others. However, I think this Mars retrograde which rides on the heels of eclipses in Taurus and Scorpio 2020-22, has been about how to cultivate self approval.

In the 2023 Sidereal Astrology Guide I wrote: “Gathering the resources for self approval…” as the fill-in-the-blank for the Mars direct station in Taurus. You can read more about Mars Rx in the 2023 Sidereal Astrology Guide January monthly summary. There are reflection questions which help you to apply the astrology to your personal chart.

  • Observe your inner morality police this week. What kinds of things do you shame and rebuke yourself for? What do you shame and rebuke others for?
  • How do you define a “good” person?
  • Can you create a definition that does not center or include a person’s gender, race, national identity, or class station?
  • What does it feel like to be disapproved of by others?
  • What does self-approval look like for you? What resources are available to you to manifest this for yourself?

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A Tarot Devotional for the December 2019 Full Moon

The December 10, 2019 Full Moon grants you the foresight to see 2020 clearly, that is if you’re paying attention. This Full Moon serves as a prelude to one of the big stories of next year. That is the Venus retrograde in Taurus which ushers in a new series of eclipses in Taurus and Scorpio.

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Life is a journey through the extremes of all sign polarities. But, the polarity of Taurus and Scorpio is placed firmly at the root of what it means to be human. To be human is to be an animal, a beast, a slave to instinct. To be human is to need other people as much as, if not more than food, water, and air. The Taurus + Scorpio sign pair tells the story of humans as inherently social creatures whose survival relies on both the physiological/biological instinct and the performance of social roles in relationships and society.

When you have experiences along the Taurus Scorpio axis you are offered the opportunity to clearly see how to be human is to perform—to perform your designations of gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, nationality, and class within the confines of socially defined constructs. This is intersectionality. Bodily autonomy (the right to sexual and emotional autonomy,  physical safety, and self-preservation) is at the root of intersectionality. And as such, this moment demands a liberating doctrine that seeks to return bodily autonomy not just to Black women, but to everyone.

Black women are entitled to safe passage through life, free from rape, bondage, violence, and oppression of every shape and -ism. We all must examine the performances of our identities that have been named “instinct” in order to have that safe passage. That naming and framing has been used to biologically (outside of conscious human control) validate and legitimize violence and oppression of all humans, but especially women. We must innovate new consensuses that liberate us from the drives to oppress and disenfranchise each other via our designations.

You wear the clothes, both literally and figuratively, that match the designation you’ve been assigned (or chosen) because you have a survival based need to be validated as part of humanity, and as part of the family/relationships/communities in which you live. Fitting into those designations is a matter of both physical survival/safety and maintaining a cohesive sense of self. Yet, at this Full Moon, and the 2020 eclipses it preludes, it is time to come into right relationship with those designations.

Ultimately, this Full Moon in Taurus begins a season of openly challenging the personal and collective stories that define your designations because your survival and our collective liberation depends on it .

Now, on to my tarot sermon for this Full Moon…

(3 of SWORDS)
8 of CUPS
4 of CUPS

(3 of Swords)
8 of Cups
4 of Cups
King of Pentacles
The People’s Oracle’s Tarot for the Full Moon in Taurus

The card on the bottom when I cut the deck is the context and reference point for the rest of the cards. And the card on the bottom is 3 of SWORDS. This is the card of incisive clarity, the kind that leads to decisive action. The 3 of SWORDS discerns between instinct, intellect, and will. This is not a matter of clear desire brought about by some sentiment. The 3 of SWORDS highlights matters that require standing between the tension of fact-based knowing and intangible knowing, regardless of how you might actually feel.

Now, we lead with the 8 of CUPS and the 4 of CUPS. Cups are instinct. They highlight your relationship with your basic needs for food, safety, and shelter. They are the instinct to survive and preserve your life and body, as well as the intangible faculties that grant you wisdom as intuition.

In the 8 of CUPS you find yourself at a crossroads, ready to abandon the places, spaces, relationships, lifestyles, and habits where you’ve had a deep emotional investment. Emotional investment is skin in the game—survival based attachments and the bonds of shared experience. You have skin in the game with people and places you deem irreplaceable, the kind that humans require to survive and thrive.

  • What have you been ready to leave behind for awhile now, and how does it become apparent and urgent at this Full Moon?
  • What attachments and bonds heretofore have kept you where you are?
  • What revelations have illuminated a path towards the exit?

Yet, the 4 of CUPS offers up a paradox. When you abandon people and things in which you’ve had an emotional investment the fairy tale says that you march off into the joy of an unknown adventure. But instead, you find apathy and a loss of lust for life in the 4 of CUPS. Here you find yourself with no clear sense of direction. You find yourself wallowing in feelings of ambivalence and nihilism. You lose your reason why, the fire that motivated you in the first place, to leave behind something you once deemed so valuable. Perhaps it is a sense or reality of powerlessness. Maybe you know/you’ve known you need to leave where you are, but you’re not exactly sure where you go from here.

  • What feelings come up as you wait?
  • How do you fill the time between where you are now and your future destination?
  • What feelings of ambivalence keep you from making clear decisions and taking the risk to move on?

Thinking back to the 3 of SWORDS that serves as a context for these other cards, remember the incisive clarity that it brings. Remember how this moment requires you to bridge the gap between fact-based knowing and intangible knowing. Stand in the discomfort of intuition where your external reality neither confirms nor denies that knowing. Learn to make peace with your instinct, understanding that it has kept you alive until now, and that your intellect must know its place in the grand scheme of things.

Finally, here is the KING of PENTACLES. A card not of fire, not of will, drive, strength, nor force. The KING of PENTACLES is dynamic, seeking to conquer and dominate. And it does so, again, not by force but by a decisive reckoning with reality, a resourcefulness that can lead you to discover your own fortitude within the confines of self-discipline. There’s no marching off into the hills of respite here, no eager gallivanting towards the sunset. No. Here you find opportunity in the material realm. Here you bring a willingness to work, to labor and toil, and to do The Work as articulated in the recent New Moon tarot devotional. You carry an authority and sense of entitlement that says “my efforts are fruitful, never shall they be in vain.”

  • What meaningful contributions towards your future do your skills provide?
  • What effort are you willing to invest towards an uncertain future, one that allows you to finally leave behind the places and spaces that no longer feed you?

And So It Is! Happy Full Moon

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