All about Libra. Originally a thread of tweets from @PeoplesOracle, this article describes the nature of Libra rising, Moon, and Sun.

Venus is the ruler of Libra. Saturn has dignity by exaltation in here. Mars debilitated by detriment, Sun by fall. Venus is a significator for the mother. But it also rules, sex, pleasure, creativity, art, music, fashion, etc. Venus bestows favor. Vettius Valens says it makes men (or women) office of supervisor of weights and measure.

Libra by @PeoplesOracleLibra is an air sign. This is really important because it immediately wipes out many of the commonly used stereotypes. Air is the intellect. Language, reason, facts. So all of this stuff about Libra needing to be in relationships or being co-dependent… I’m going to say, nope!

Libra isn’t indecisive. Perceiving situations as perpetually inconclusive, they want to know that they have all of the necessary information before proceeding. In this way they functions very well in projecting hypothetical situations and outcomes.

Folks get frustrated with Libra because they aren’t attached to any particular opinion. This goes back to the Sun being in it’s fall in Libra. The Sun is individual perception. Libra forsakes that perception. Their detachment is an appeal to reason.

I want to talk a little bit about Aquarius in this context because Libra and Aquarius are both the signs of the Sun’s debility. When I talked about Leo yesterday, I talked about how as domicile (home) of the Sun, it is about perception. Sun is the ego and the mind. Do you think the Sun can see anything but itself? All that fire and light…

The Sun is sight itself. So when you get the Sun in Libra (and Aquarius) you are getting a disruption in the bias inherent to perception. That’s a good thing and a bad thing. We need folks who can see beyond their own perception. But anything taken too far can become pathological.

But Libra is detached because they can understand HOW different people come to different conclusions given the same of information. So, you come to them frustrated, expecting an amen corner and some “girl, you are so right. Fuck him!” DANGER! Ain’t gonna happen! This pisses off more sensitive folks like Pisces, Cancer, and even Aries.

Libra is gonna come at you with the, “yes, I understand what happened. But given the information you just gave me, you are wrong.” They aren’t interested in emotionally validating you and your feelings. (They are starting to sound like a dick a little bit! ????)

The reason that Saturn is exalted in Libra is 1. because the dry cold nature of Saturn is balanced by the moistness in Libra. 2. Saturn in Libra is trine the a sign that Saturn rules, Aquarius. But what’s most fascinating is that it brings out the discriminate side of Saturn. Libra is discriminating.

You often see Libra with scales. They aren’t fiddling around trying to figure out what they should do. They are withholding bias in order to appeal to reason. Reason comes from the word ratio which is a reckoning, to judge. That scale is there to account for all the things. That’s what Libra is doing when they refuse to agree with you.

That’s not to say that Libra always comes to the correct conclusion. Reason can’t solve all of our problems, and they have to learn to turn that shit off. Finding connections between ideas and trains of thought is the art of literature. With color it’s fashion. With sound, it’s music…and in interpersonal relationships it’s annoying as hell!

Listen: Everyone isn’t always down to play your game of “Well, actually…” (I don’t know who’s worse with that, Sagittarius or Libra.) Libra, you must diversify their interpersonal toolbox. While you think you’re being smart and fair with your insights, they’re pissing off your partner. Sometimes your partner needs you to be on their side, even if they aren’t on the side of reason (ducks from Libra throwing shoes at me). Seriously though, I’m not picking sides. Libra often ends up becoming the adversary of the person who they are trying to help. They can come up with innovative and appealing ways to do things.

I have Saturn and Mars in Libra and I want to “Well, actually…” myself after writing that. Ugh! But it’s true.