About the sign. Originally a thread of tweets from @PeoplesOracle, this article describes the nature of Pisces rising, Pisces Moon, and Pisces Sun.

Pisces by The People's Oracle

What Planet Rules Pisces?

Let’s start with the question everyone is gonna blow up my mentions asking: Doesn’t Neptune rule Pisces? Many modern astrologers see an affinity between the significations attributed to Neptune & the sign Pisces. I’m NOT one of those astrologers.

Rulership has a specific meaning in my astrological toolbox, and it is not based on affinity between signs and their rulers. Besides, most of the significations of Neptune were taken from the Moon. Debate me later, please.

Now, on to the next question: How can Jupiter rule Pisces & Sagittarius?

In Sagittarius, Jupiter is hot and moist. It’s external and uses personal, lived experiences as a measure for truth. In Pisces, Jupiter is warm and very wet. It uses intuition as a measure for truth.

We would ask Sagittarius, does the understanding you gain from personal experience apply to everyone or just you? And as we shall explore in this thread on Pisces, we ask the fish: How does your intuitive understanding work on earth, in real life?

Digging in to the Fish

As a water sign, Pisces is concerned with emotions, feelings, intuition, creativity, and connection… grouping like things together. All water signs are concerned with these things, but in their own way:

  • Cancer as it relates to the body,
  • Scorpio as it relates to the preservation of that body, and
  • Pisces as it relates to the transcendence of that body.

Cancer, ruled by the Moon, filters through the sensate experience of emotions. Scorpio, ruled by Mars, filters through the regenerative process, and when we arrive to Pisces we reach the possibilities of emotional transcendence.

Let’s lay some of the common stereotypes out on the table and I’ll address them each.

Common Pisces Stereotypes: Challenged!

I want to start with the stereotype of emotional manipulator. And I’m going to say NAH! From the other side of the table, emotional morphing does appears manipulative. And I don’t mean to abdicate them from responsibility for their actions.

Here is an interesting connection for you: Just as Libra (ruled by Venus) is loyal only to reason and it often comes off as lacking loyalty, Pisces (where Venus is exalted) is loyal to transcendence. And that’s a fancy word for rising above individual emotional experience. There is a deep idealism here that seems irrational and impractical.

However, I challenge that by asking, what would we lose if we did not possess the ability to rise above individual emotional experience? We’d lose empathy.

Now, as with all things, empathy has its constructive, life affirming manifestations and its life denying manifestations. The life affirming manifestations are those that allow us to understand even when we are not personally experiencing something. The life denying manifestations are those that lead us to martyrdom lacking personal conviction.

That last one is what gets many Pisces in trouble in their relationships. Martyrdom really has no place in personal, one on one relationships. And it’s up to them to take responsibility for that.

Another stereotype of is that they are idealistic bordering on delusional. This is criticism their judgement. It’s saying they can’t tell the difference between fantasy and reality. But the wise Pisces knows that perception is reality. And the reality that the most people agree upon is the accepted one. That doesn’t mean that it’s true.

Most of us feel ungrounded and destabilized without a solid sense of reality. But this is where Pisces lives. Discernment is an important keyword. It would make their relationships so much more manageable. But the willpower, focus, and discipline required to do that is not native to them.

Many Pisces live to agree with whatever reality allows them to escape their personal emotional experience. They become excellent at playing the victim because it allows them to escape the reality of their emotional experiences.

If you are an Aries Sun born within the first 22-23 days of that sign, you may resonate with what I’m sharing about Pisces.

I would love to hear your feedback about Pisces and also answer any questions you may have. Send me a line on Twitter @PeoplesOracle.