All about Sagittarius. Originally a thread of tweets from @PeoplesOracle, this article describes the nature of Sagittarius Rising, Moon, and Sun.

Jupiter, Ruler of Sagittarius

Sagittarius by @PeoplesOracleSagittarius is a mutable fire sign ruled by the planet Jupiter. Jupiter is hot and moist. The heat makes distinctions and separates. The moistness tempers the heat and allows growth. As ruler of Sagittarius, Jupiter makes distinctions between what it encounters and adds it to a coffer of experiences. The best possible outcome for what Jupiter brings is wisdom and integrity. Otherwise it can bring arrogance and intolerance.

Jupiter is the greater benefic, of the day sect. Sagittarius is sandwiched between two signs ruled by malefics just like Jupiter is sandwiched between Mars and Saturn. It seeks to rise above the pettiness and self protective nature of Scorpio. Enamored with the possibilities of what could be, it finds hope in envisioning alternative futures. Some would say that makes Sagittarius hesitant to commit. But we all know that isn’t true it’s true. I’ve seen Sagittarius men get so much negative press, more than Scorpio, actually. And that’s surprising.

Whereas Libra won’t proceed without considering all of the facts, Sagittarius won’t proceed unless they believe in what they are doing. Belief is a funny thing. For Sagittarius, belief is informed by personal experiences that culminate in an understanding about the world & how it works. And they’ll rarely take you at your word. They have to see for themselves, experience it for themselves. This doesn’t make them skeptical as much as they don’t want to violate their beliefs, their values.

Sagittarius does things on principle which can lead to zealotry and fanaticism. In their search for truth, they often find themselves trading one dogma for another, from one religion or one political identity to another. They want to know what is true and what is right. They want substantiated, personally verified information.

Sagittarius can be difficult to be around. The searching, pondering, & envisioning doesn’t stop. They are looking for meaning in everything. If your are a Sagittarius (sun, moon, rising) who becomes Scorpio in sidereal, you looked at that last sentence and said “some things just are what they are.” But to Sagittarius there is a deeper meaning in everything they experience.

What is Sagittarius looking for? That is the fundamental question. The seeking, studying, believing, disbelief… What is it they want? Sagittarius is looking for God/Goddess. Not Jesus, although he may find her there. Sagittarius is looking for the experience of God that resonates with what they’ve personally experienced. So, when you come to them with a piece of information or a concept, expect to be challenged. As much as they can be dogmatic and the final authority on what is true, they won’t tolerate any dogma in you.

Sagittarius struggles to submit to authority or power structures that don’t line up with what they believe.

The Centaur in Love

Now, I must talk about Sagittarius in relationships. Don’t think they’ll leave their quest for wisdom and understanding outside the bedroom. They are looking for God there, too. Not to deify their partner though. They loves truth more than they love love and will often sacrifice the latter for the former. That means they are likely to choose principle over their partner.

If they convinces themselves that something they want to do is true/right, good luck convincing them otherwise. Sagittarius is never seeking advice as much as they are scoping the opposition to reframe and refine their stance, and they can be dangerous in this way. Significator for the Preacher, they are very persuasive. The fire of their convictions are their fuel.

Preachers are rarely questioned because we believe they have a special connection to God. Sagittarius believes that about themselves, too. They believe in the ever expansive nature of life. That’s why we need Capricorn to remind us that everything eventually dies. Sagittarius being ruled by Jupiter means they are beholden to their belief system. It’s like death to act against their convictions.

From Innocence to Wisdom

This is an anthem for Sagittarius: Now You Know Better – Mondo Grosso W/ Amel Larrieux –

Can you remember when you were just six years old?
With a trusting heart accepting everything you’re told
Anyone bigger must have been right even if they were wrong
You’d take what is given, you didn’t know better

All your little mind could comprehend was goodness and truth
Even when the baddest things were being done to you
Ain’t it a shame how you pay for your innocence?
And you’d take what was given, you didn’t know better about

Loving, cheating, people leaving
Dying, living, losing and forgiving
Growing, saying no and being who you are

Now here you are a little older than before
You’ve really been through it and you might go through some more
But if there’s one precious thing you’ve learned
Is that you can’t just take what is given and now you know better”

This is one of my favorite songs of all time. It sums up life for me. I have Sagittarius rising, Jupiter and Neptune conjunct my Ascendant.

Sagittarius embodies the innocence of belief that can develop into wisdom when you honor your experiences and connect the dots. They can overcome arrogance and intolerance when they extend to others the same compassion they themselves deserve. Remembering that everyone has not had the same experiences that they’ve had, they must learn to allow others the freedom to gain understanding in their own time, at their own pace with their own experiences.

Dogma is defined as taking someone else’s word for truth. It’s unquestioned acceptance of authority. Sagittarius can be guilty of expecting others to take their word as truth, becoming the dogmatic leader they despise and rebel against.

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