All about Scorpio. Originally a thread of tweets from @PeoplesOracle, this article describes the nature of Scorpio rising, Scorpio Moon, and Scorpio Sun.

Scorpio - by The People's Oracle

Scorpio is a fixed water sign, cold and wet, ruled by the lesser malefic Mars. Malefic simply means that a planet’s nature is inimical to life, growth, health, and wellbeing.

Mars is a soldier and a surgeon, a knife and a sword, a gun and bulldozer, a laser and a bomb. In some contexts these things bring protection and ultimately healing. In other contexts they bring danger, death, and blood.

Aries is also ruled by Mars. But it’s a fire sign and of the day sect.
Aries is externally projected, Scorpio is internally projected.
Aries is an ax and Scorpio is a laser. Each has it’s function and purpose.

Wack assumptions about Scorpio

Overly sexual.
Are these assumptions true? They can and are true about other signs, too.

Above all things, Scorpio is almost solely motivated by: Self Protection. The obsessive and sometimes isolating need for privacy is motivated by self protection.

Especially Scorpio Moon division, death, loss, pain, or trauma in childhood often breeds a deep distrust of others. Many with this placement (or Moon conjunct Mars) lost or were separated from their mothers during childhood.

Their primary lesson is learning NOT to approach others with distrust indiscriminately. They are learning to discern the difference between their intuition alerting them to danger, and fear of being hurt.

Scorpio goes to great lengths to maintain the integrity of their emotions because they need to know that what they feel is their genuine feelings and not coercion or influence from others. This makes them erect boundaries around themselves that keeps others out and their own feelings bottled in.

Scorpio is a laser scanning their relationships for any ounce of manipulation. But the mature Scorpio has weeded out paranoia so they are left with a refined intuition that has no interference from negative expectations.

The young Scorpio is paranoid and constantly sabotages their relationships. They make all of their friends and partners pay for the sins of the people who have hurt them in the past. Emotionally reckless, they go from extremes of emotional entanglement to complete emotional isolation. They weaponize their emotions. I’m sure a Scorpio invented ghosting. Leaving relationships with no explanation.

The mature Scorpio understands the depth of feeling they are capable of. They don’t use it to hurt others or for sport.

If Scorpio is a laser, what are lasers good for?

A laser is a tool of precision. Scorpio must develop emotional precision and not a universally self protective stance. A heart surrounded by insurmountable walls won’t get hurt. But it also won’t feel love. Scorpio is learning this.

A laser cuts the smallest incision to limit unneeded pain & blood loss. Scorpio must learn to get to the heart of the matter. They seek emotional purity, filtered and refined emotional perception. Cutting away the bullshit, but often without empathy or compassion.

They must learn to overcome their fear of vulnerability & the powerlessness they feel when faced with another person’s emotional reality.

When, as a child, your innocence was taken too soon, or your emotional self was violated, you come to expect that in every relationship. Scorpios who have experienced that trauma can address the original wound with the help of a mental health professional and/or trusted friend.