All about Taurus. Originally a thread of tweets from @PeoplesOracle, this article describes the nature of Taurus rising, Moon, and Sun.

  • Fixed earth
  • Ruled by/domicile of Venus
  • Night sect

I’ve been thinking a lot about Taurus stereotypes. And I was thinking, OK, Taurus the bull…Wait! A bull is a male cattle. Cow, female. That’s important because if I say Bull vs male cattle totally different imagery comes to mind, right? Bulls can be very aggressive, don’t get me wrong. But it mostly has to do with mating which bring us back to Venus.

Taurus by @PeoplesOracles

As an earth sign Taurus embodies and best expresses the physical side of Venus. (Libra, the airy, social, intellectual side of Venus.)  Venus rules sex, pleasure, relationships, creativity, art, and fertility. The Moon is exalted in Taurus.

Exaltation actually predates domicile and is often seen as more powerful. The Moon being exalted means that the power of the Moon is increased in Taurus. The Moon wants to conceive, nurture, unify, moisten, and illuminate. What better sign to do that than Taurus?

I’m so lame but in my mind I’m like, “Welp, that’s all there is to say about Taurus!” But that’s lowkey petty and I won’t do ya’ll like that. This does lend to the sign’s simplicity. And simple doesn’t mean simple minded at all.

But, if you want to welcome a Taurus and make them feel comfortable, you need to nurture their body, stimulate their senses. It’s a pleasure seeking sign. This is both a virtue and a vice.

Sensual Sensations

When mindful, Taurus conjures the sacredness of spirit animating the body for the purpose of experiencing itself. Taurus teaches that our most basic task as humans is sensual experience. Touch, taste, smell, sight, sound. It’s a civilizing sign even though it’s symbolized by an animal. Taurus brings beauty to an otherwise crude world.

Following the sometimes abrasive self assertion of Aries, the Bull invites us to take a seat, enjoy a meal, dessert, and wine. Now, its opposing sign Scorpio wants to protect themselves and their bodies. They want to preserve a kind of emotional purity. And to that Taurus says *something really raunchy that I can’t bring myself to type.*

IF, and I mean IF there were a most sensual or freaky sign of the zodiac it would definitely NOT be Scorpio and definitely WOULD be Taurus. In order to be sensual you have to be willing to feel. And Taurus knows better than anyone that emotions are physical. Taurus channels their physical awareness of their emotions through sensual expression. This is the most primal purpose of art.

Money? No Bueno!

Now I know you are expecting me to start talking about money in this Taurus thread.


Venus doesn’t rule money. Taurus ≠ the 2nd house, unless you are Aries rising.

Now, what Venus does rule is the very nice things that money can buy. So, any connection between Taurus and money has to do with money as a means but not the end itself. (Talk to Capricorn or Virgo about money).

There are a lot of different ways to get what you desire. Seduction being one.

Seductive Attraction

Venus attracts, blends, entices, seduces, and indulges. The only sign better at this than Taurus is Pisces. Taurus is best at figuring out how to get what they want. But they are not the best at setting boundaries. This self indulgence is often the source of their difficulties, both in relationships and physical health. “Why should I deny myself what I want when it’s right here in front of my face?” says Taurus.

Take a note from Scorpio… Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

It boils down to being comfortable and feeling good. And if these are answered positively, then why change, why leave? This makes Taurus very easy to manipulate (barring other factors, of course). But if you can please them you can keep them around.

Taurus is a master of seduction, but they can easily be manipulated. They are easy to please. As one Taurus Moon I know says, “I really am easy to please bc there’s a very short list of things I want: 1. Everything.” Something for each of the senses and they’re like putty in your hand.


Immature Taurus often can’t tell the difference between what will do for now and what they really want. So, they end up sticking with something that they don’t really want because it feels good in the present moment. But as they mature, they learn to differentiate between quenching a desire and fulfilling a desire. To quench is to extinguish. To fulfill is to realize or complete, to make full. One is a means of escape, the other is immersion.

Please, do tell me about your journey as a Taurus? Have you learned the difference between quenching and fulfilling desires? Taurus is on a journey of refinement, getting clearer on what you desire leading to fulfillment. Where are you on this journey?