Facing Reality

There are 5 squares between planets in Capricorn and Mars in Aries beginning the week of January 4, 2021 through February 19, 2021.

8 – Mercury SQUARE Mars
12 – Mars SQUARE Saturn
23 – Mars SQUARE Jupiter
1 – Sun SQUARE Mars
19 -Venus SQUARE Mars

Mars SQUARE Jupiter between January 12 and January 23 is the timeframe I’m most concerned about, especially 13th and 14th and the 20th and 21st. Moon entering Capricorn and Aries respectively. I see two possible scenarios playing out.

First scenario is that forces of insurrection maximize the tools on hand to marshal their forces and bring their goal to completion. Mars SQUARE Saturn is much more taciturn and stern in terms of how much the two planet interact. Saturn is not with the BS. But, Jupiter?

Saturn in Capricorn sees the Fire of Mars in Aries and is unmoved. Jupiter on the other hand adds gasoline to the Fire. And the idea of a violent clash that leads to much death and harm is very very possible during those dates I mentioned.

Based on each planet’s unique relationship to Aries, Saturn is the planet that can stop this. How? Actual physical barricades, covid, death, imprisonment, hospitalizations. Venus in Capricorn actually can, too. But, that square isn’t until mid February. That’s when I see more military and police cooperation against rebellious forces. Sun and Jupiter, unfortunately, are friendly to Aries so there is some cooperation there.

The 2nd scenario I see a possibility for is that there’s a concerted effort to quench forces of insurrection, or covid deaths + fallout overtakes everything else. The only reason I see this as a possibility is because Saturn in Capricorn will be in charge of every planet in the sky (except Mars) come February 11. As a matter of fact, this is the case once Venus enters Capricorn January 27.

Either way, it ain’t over yet!

One last piece: These squares also correlate to other things going on like lockdowns, work stoppages, grounding of planes and travel, closing of restaurants and other businesses. Mars is movement, period. And so when it is participating in all of the squares, there are many forces at play that inhibit or block to stop Mars movement, or to narrow its path of possible movement.

As I have repeatedly said, Mars in Aries is about doing some thing because you possess the ability or will to do it. It does not take into consideration external factors that impact the outcome or lead to consequences, negative or positive.

I do not think we are going to go back to the kinds of sheltering in place we saw back in March and April 2020. At that time Mars was in Capricorn with the Jupiter and Saturn. And so Mars really could not move at all. With that being said, Once the Sun enters Capricorn (January 13) it will be building towards its square with Mars in Aries. We must keep an eye on leadership and how it uses its influence and power to quench forces of rebellion as well as stop the spread of c0vid.

2021: The Will to Live

Free-will is the cornerstone upon which the Cult of Individualism is built. The core tenet of this cult’s doctrine is that each individual person is the master of their own fate—we are free because we have a will. With this will each individual person holds in their hands the power of their own life and death, wealth or poverty, sickness or health, love or loneliness, joy or grief. The power of force, self-discipline, and labor is all you need to conquer and subdue the will into manifesting whatever you desire.

This indoctrination into the myth of free-will has not illuminated the key to our liberation. Instead, it has created the most successful campaign of settler colonialism in human history.

Black circle on top of a black background with many shades of yellow and gold dots splattered about. Text reads: The People's Oracle Presents 2021: The Will to Live.

This campaign of settler colonialism has been wildly successful because it institutes a form of colonization that does not require the conquering of a people by taking their land and resources. It colonizes the mind-body, first, which makes the colonized surrender land, resources, and labor without much resistance. In fact, once colonized, they become willing evangelists for the cause of free-will, doing the missionary work of the colonizers for them.

Human survival is as much about the perpetuation of power hierarchies, as it is about the perpetuation of biological life. Those power hierarchies use the myth of free-will to possess and colonize the bodies of those who would otherwise seek to preserve their own lives. Instead power preserves itself at the expense of the life and bodies of those it disenfranchises.

Grind now, sleep later. Be sure that you’re at the top of the tower of oppression. Scratch and claw your way up there. We’re animals. Dog eat dog. Fight to survive. Where is the freedom in this?

If your will is truly free, if your complete fate is in your own hands, then how could you or would you hold accountable those who use the constructs of race, gender, sexuality, and class to maintain their power over you? Your fate is your fault, right? What does power have to do with it?

Is your will really free if its ultimate function, if the ultimate evidence of its success is that you have overpowered another person, or group of people? Is free will free if it is compelled to be as adjacent to whiteness as possible? Aligning yourself with the cause of men’s assumed authority over all, so that you can benefit from patriarchy? To make sure that your labor is worth more than everyone else’s labor? This is your freedom of will? This is what you chose with it?

2020 made it clear that the will is anything but free. Instead, the human will is the unwitting host to the force of life. Life is a consuming force that compels, controls, and devours its hosts. It is not contained in a singular being or mind, rather it is the sum total of all that breathes, and all exists in the mind, conscious, subconscious, and unconscious. Our refusal to accept the true nature of the will has stripped us of any bit of freedom we may have had. 

What is the evidence of a colonized mind-body? Lack of imagination. Not only unable to see what does not exist, but unable to actually see what is, free from the lens and gaze of your colonizers. The imagination is the beginning of freedom. First, seeing clearly what is, then daring to envision an alternate reality. The will is the life force that compels us to bring down an imagined reality from the fantasy and dream worlds into the material world. Free your mind-body, and the rest will follow.

But you must first realize the reality of your imprisonment. How can you do so when your very survival instinct has been colonized by the myth of free-will?

In 2021, dare to feel. Feeling is the beginning of resistance. Rebellion starts in the body. And dare to dream. Imagine your way to freedom. Survival requires an active imagination. Decolonize your survival instinct.