Weekly Horoscope: January 30 – February 5, 2023

Here is your weekly horoscope for January 30 – February 5, 2023

This week’s themes are: Confronting repression & Revolution begins in the body.

4 – Venus in Aquarius SQUARE Mars in Taurus

This is a sidereal astrology horoscope. Use this guide to cast your sidereal birth chart. Learn to read your sidereal birth chart, and identify its wounds and gifts.

2023 is off to a shaky beginning. The start of this year is like a 2022 repression hangover, a dizzying awakening from the stupor of suppression we used to trudge through the ongoing trauma that 2022 refused to extinguish. What does it feel like to awaken from a dream only to realize that you were not dreaming? To see that the setting of your slumber was in fact reality?

Repression is a fascinating thing: To ignore something that you do not know you are ignoring; To not see something that you are not looking at; To not acknowledge the existence of something that you do not know exists. This is the coping strategy of Capricorn, where Saturn was from January 23, 2020 until January 17, 2023. (Saturn’s not there anymore. It’s in Aquarius as of a couple weeks ago.)

Capricorn represses (an autonomous act) to cope with disregard.

A disregarded body disregards itself. That means that when a person’s body is disregarded, that person in turn disregards their body. When a person experiences no tangible or physical effect of their body’s sensations and functions in the form of another person’s material response, that person cannot regard and become aware of what is happening in their body. If a baby’s cries of discomfort are not responded to with food, that baby will struggle to identify and respond to feelings of hunger. This can last all the way into childhood, adolescence, and adulthood in the form disordered eating.

When an adult’s struggles and the anguish that arises in response to those struggles are not met with care, concern, and resources to alleviate the distress, that adult will not be present to and aware of their suffering. Especially when that adult looks around to see others experiencing the same conditions and somehow continuing onward anyhow, Business Goes On As Usual. A disregarded body disregards itself.

To feel, to regard one’s body, to respond to your distress with attention and concern, even when you lack the resources to alleviate your suffering, is the necessary first act of resistance. This is why revolution begins in the body. If I willfully reject the disregard of those who have the power to alleviate my suffering, if I refuse to internalize that disregard as a model for how I should be in relationship with my body, I become an instrument that disrupts the status quo.

It is incredibly difficult for the people around me and in my life to ignore their bodies when I refuse to ignore mine. In fact, people will go to great lengths to avoid being affected. They will say that the person feeling is over-exaggerating, that they are lying and that nothing is wrong. They will say that they are just trying to gain sympathy and attention. Yes! Yes! That is exactly it. When I am in distress and pain I need sympathy and attention. Give it to me, won’t you?

In the 2023 Sidereal Astrology Guide, the fill-in-the-blank for the Full Moon in Cancer says: Realizing what resources are available to emotionally/physically regulate: (Fill in this blank with the house meanings associated with your sidereal Cancer house. Find that here.)

This Full Moon is very much a prelude to the Venus retrograde in Cancer that occurs this coming summer and fall. Take note! You can see which house in your birth chart this Full Moon and the Venus Rx occur in in my 12-2023 Sidereal Astrology Horoscopes. Make sure you cast your sidereal birth chart first.

  • What are 3 signs you experience in your body that signal to you that you are in emotional distress? If you cannot name 3 signs, might you try honing in on how you feel right before you pick up your phone or device this week? Try to catch yourself when you pick up your phone. Pause. Sit for a bit What do you feel after you put it back down instead of turning it on and scrolling?
  • How do you respond to your distress?
  • Do you signal to others that you are in distress? How do they respond?
  • Who in your life notices that you are in distress?
  • Who in your life do you signal your distress to?

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