WE Thrive! A Healing Party + Grand Opening

Hi, I’m Dayna. I am The People’s Oracle (most active on Twitter). I work with individuals using sidereal astrology, tarot, Chinese astrology, and dream interpretation to articulate how and when the seasons of time unfold in their lives.

I forecast global cultural trends and help my clients understand their place in the massive changes that our world is moving through. I make predictions for political races and for the USA.

On October 11, 2018 we moved forward on the tails of #MeToo and Justice for and by women. We began transitioning out of a season of reaching consensus about what Justice is. We began a new season of dissension and Stand Your Ground.

This new season demands that we take seriously our designation as the stewards of our lives and bodies. Survival is radical when it means that you choose your life and body over those that seek to silence you with the demand to behave and be civil.

I’m so proud to be part of the Haji Tribe. We are at the forefront of this radical movement: tending to the body as resistance against the pressure to succumb to oppression.

You can read more about this new season we’ve entered here: orcle.me/jupsco18. There are 10 journal prompts at the end to help you make personal sense of this new season.

I will be offering readings in Chicago at WE Thrive! A Healing Party + Grand Opening that will contextualize this new season in your life using your birth chart. I’ll have all my tools. Hope to see you there!