Weekly Horoscope December 5 – 11, 2022

Here’s your Weekly Horoscope December 5 – 11, 2022.

This week is a transition week. We move out of one season of astrology into the next. And this highlights the joy and gift of astrology for me, that there truly is a time and a season for all things. And that those times and those seasons are not a mystery of privileged knowledge available to a trusted few. Me and you, we can know the time and the season. Which leads into the adage that says, “this, too, shall pass.” I told my dad the other day “and yea, sometimes we pass right along with it.” Funny. Dark. True.

This week we move out of Mars dominance into a Jupiter dominated sky. Themes are: the status quo, indoctrination, and trust.

  • 5 – Venus in Sagittarius
  • 6 – Mercury square Jupiter
  • 7 – Sun opposite Mars; Full Moon in Taurus
  • 9 – Venus square Jupiter

So, it’s a new season. We leave behind the dominance of Mars. The disconnection and severance, the disruption and conflict. We return to a familiar passageway, one we traverse each year. From Jupiter to Saturn, to Saturn to Jupiter. We’ve been here before. 2019 into 2020 circumstances and stories surface. Familiar people and themes, but a new setting. We are still in the pandemic that we had no idea was coming at the end the 2019.

A building stellium in Sagittarius lends fuel to a recently moving forward Jupiter in Pisces. Pisces hasn’t had much pull since Mars left the sign earlier this year in June. But now, the sky aligns in favor of Jupiter. The background soundtrack that’s underscored this year comes to the fore, loud and clear. We are confronting skepticism: the disbelief of our own bodies, the withholding of information that would permit us to name and trust what we feel.

What would make it all make sense? What is the thread that would reveal the context that explains why?

Before we get there, we have one last piece to wrap up in this Mars story. The full moon in Taurus on Wednesday shows clearly the power of the status quo. These are the social norms that shackle us in a past that has quickly become irrelevant to our present and future. Especially when those social constructs are fed to us via indoctrination. We doubt our own intentions and interpret ourselves and our experiences through the story of national identities and religious doctrines. And half the time we cannot tell the difference between the two. Which one is a political ideology, a national identity, and which one is a religious doctrine?

  • What convictions have I taken for granted as social norms that are in fact someone else beliefs I’ve had indoctrinated into me?
  • What role have I played in imposing these social norms on others?
  • When and how have I rebuked others for not behaving or looking like I think they should based on their gender or race?
  • How am I coming to terms with the shame I feel when I don’t live up to what is expected of me based on my gender, race, or class identity?
  • What does it look like to be curious towards my own intentions?
  • How do the intentions I assign my own actions negate the truth of what I feel and know in and through my body?
  • What does trust mean to me? How do I know when you trust someone?
  • What does self trust mean to me? How do I know when I trust myself?

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