Healer, Intuitive, Astrologer, Priestess: Who Do You Trust?

This post is from a thread of tweets I posted to Twitter on Saturday. You can see the original tweet thread here.

This past weekend, I had an important conversation about spirituality and who we allow to have spiritual authority in and over our lives. This is a conversation I’ve frequently had with myself because it’s one of my longer term lessons in my life.

It’s an especially relevant conversation right now because I see a lot of people on social media platforms, especially Twitter, claiming to have spiritual gifts and saying they have power to do certain things. People are selling spiritual goods, offering to do healing work, divining and intuiting information and guidance for other people. It’s troubling to me because many people lack the
discernment to know who has the spiritual integrity to do such things.

I’m in that group. I’ve been doing tarot readings professionally for about 4 or 5 years. And I’ve been reading astrology professionally for 6 years. As I’ve shared before, in the past I’ve taken breaks from doing both because I knew I needed to work on myself and study some more.

With all of that said, I want to encourage all of you who get readings from intuitives and spiritual work done by folks calling themselves astrologer, priestess, goddess, shaman, and claiming to have special knowledge and the like, to develop your gift of discernment.

Be bold and self protective enough to ask people how they know what they know. Ask them who holds them accountable in their lives, both personally and professionally. Any spiritual worker with integrity will surround themselves with folks who call them on their shit. They will admit that they don’t know everything and will submit themselves to someone or something besides their limited power and knowledge.

Know that you have the final say about who has spiritual power in your life.

Our need to know, desperation in hard times, and human need for security can lead us down many paths spiritually. Be mindful of who you meet on that path, and what they say they know, or what they say they can do for you.

Know that you have the final say about who has spiritual power in your life.
— The People’s Oracle (@PeoplesOracle) December 17, 2016

Twitter is flooded folks calling themselves astrologers, but they have never read anything beyond the blogs etc. they find online. They have only studied their own chart and those of close friends and relatives. Yet they want your money without having done due diligence. They want access to your inner life and emotional experiences.

And I know this because I’ve had folks inbox me or ask me in Facebook groups to help them read a chart someone has paid them to read. And I’m talking about basic stuff that cursory study would teach a person.

Be careful out here. Just because someone is popular, has a large following, doesn’t mean they have spiritual integrity. Or that they know WTF they’re talking about. You wouldn’t let a stylist or barber touch your head who you had not vetted. Gotta do the same with your life.

Be careful out here. Just because someone is popular doesn’t mean they have spiritual integrity. Or that they know WTF they’re talking about
— The People’s Oracle (@PeoplesOracle) December 17, 2016

Double check out these folks asking for money to read you. And even those that do it for free! How do they know what they know? You let down your guard and open up yourself and your life to people. Just be careful.

I keep learning this same lesson over and over. The lesson for ME is to continue to develop within myself the things I keep looking to other people for. AND to wait. There is a time and season for all things. There is a season for sickness. A season for healing. A season for death.

+to wait. There is a time and season for all things. There is a season for sickness. A season for healing. A season for death.
— The People’s Oracle (@PeoplesOracle) December 17, 2016

This goes for churches, too. Maybe even more so. Who has spiritual authority in your life? Someone does. Your choice.

Tarot-Scopes – December 2016

Each interpretation is a combination of the Focus Factor card and the individual card for each sign. Read on…

December 2016 Focus Factor.

Keywords: Power and authority

What is your power?
Where do you have the authority to influence the outcome?
How have you misused your authority
Who has power over you?
How will you take back your power?

Aries Rising or Sun in Aries:
So, it’s money you need? Perhaps to focus on your health? What about more time? Well, now is the time to make it happen. But first, you need a plan. Riding by the seat of your pants won’t cut it. This time you need a well thought out plan that maximizes your power and influence in the sphere of money, health, and other resources. With great power comes responsibility. How will you use your power to generate more of what you need to function on a day to day basis?

Taurus Rising or Sun in Taurus:
New feelings, emotional experiences, and desires are now surfacing. The eagerness of your desire does not equate to the quality of fulfillment should you get what you want. It’s one thing to want something and to have that desire satisfied. It’s another thing to explore your needs, your calling, and to find fulfillment in it. Sometimes release is needed to reveal emotional clarity. So, be a G about it! Now is not the time to cower and recoil. Go for what you want. Just make sure you’re sure about what you want… and you take your own feelings into consideration.

Gemini Rising or Sun in Gemini
You are at the helm of the wheel of change right now. At times we are at the behest of fate. Other times, our desires and actions seem to align perfectly with the Will within the wheel of change. Right now you are the latter. You are tuned in and turned on to the current season. This says nothing about your inherent power and more about an opportunity for you stack gains, grow, and maximize opportunities. But, nothing is promised. Gotta use your powers for good to reap the benefits of this season.

Cancer Rising or Sun in Cancer
Enough with the waffling. You know what the truth is, but up until now, you haven’t been ready to honor it. Now is the time to get to the heart of the matter and to get or provide clarity. Move from indecision to a decisive acknowledgement of the truth. You may be in the position to force someone’s hand or to extract the essence out of a situation. Heavy handed or with finesse, the choice is yours

Leo Rising or Sun in Leo
You are in a rare moment of balance of the energies in your life. Your mind is sharp. Your focus is consistent. And you’re full of ideas. You have the authority, drive, creativity, and resources available to bring to life something that is important to you. If you are feeling stuck, try a partnership. Someone one to fill in the gaps with the resources you need if you lack them. And someone with the focus if you can’t pull it together. Whoever, you need, they are close at hand. Get to work and they will appear when you need them.

Virgo Rising or Sun in Virgo
You are feeling pressed to make decisions that you have heretofore felt unprepared to make. You are missing important information that would bring clarity to the direction you need to go forward. Or, maybe you’re just indecisive and can’t see a clear path forward. Either way, clarity is near. Be courageous and open to digging deep for the truth. The information you need will be revealed if you do.

Libra Rising or Sun in Libra
Follow your heart. That’s easy enough advice for most people. But for you, the challenge comes with knowing what your heart desires. You can often end up on a blank mission, dipping your toes in the water and testing things out without ever committing to one thing or the other. But it’s not because you are inherently indecisive. It has more to do with you needing solitude to hear your own heart without the distraction of other voices and needs. Loud doesn’t mean right or true.

Scorpio Rising or Sun in Scorpio
You gotta know when to hold ‘em, and know when to fold ‘em. You’re privy to, or have access to, some inside information. You must use discernment to know how, when, or if to use what you know. On the flip side, you may suspect someone is keeping something from you, and you’ll feel driven to seek it out. A word of caution, though. Move slowly. Don’t let paranoia get the best of you. Maybe the person keeping secrets is you…

Sagittarius Rising or Sun in Sagittarius
3 of WANDS
It’s time to make good on promises made. You’re looking to see if what you started will be successful. Yes, yes it will. But it’s not by magic or The Secret. It’s because you are planning and executing plans. It’s because you have the foresight to see beyond the present, and the wherewithal to use your energy to bring it to life. Be about your business and you business will be about you. Get to work!

Capricorn Rising or Sun in Capricorn
You plan and strategize and plan some more, tweaking and refining your path to success. And sometimes, you get so caught up in the planning and the perfect way to reach your goals that you never get started. Now, it’s time to get started. The key is in the ignition with the engine ready to rev up. Your feet are in the starting blocks ready for the go ahead. If you’ve been waiting for the right time to act, now is the time. If it’s seems as if you have been blocked from progress or moving forward, the way is open and the path is clear for beginning anew. You have the potential to begin a successful endeavor. All you have to do is take the first step. Have confidence and you can make it happen. It’s a small window you have, don’t delay. Start NOW!

Aquarius Rising or Sun in Aquarius
While you may have the drive to get things done on your own, it’s imperative that you consider others. Not only in how you may be able to help others, but also where it may be more appropriate to seek assistance. Additionally, now is the time to square up any debts, debts you owe or debts owed to you. All in all, this month is about right relations with other and making sure that everyone is getting, and giving, their fair share. Don’t wait for someone to come to the conclusion that they need to pay you back. Go and get what is owed to you. And if it isn’t forthcoming, then you’ve got to use your discernment to know when to keep pursuing or let it go.

Pisces Rising or Sun in Pisces
You are in a position to receive material support from a father figure or other male authority figure. The legacy of community and shared resources can work in your favor right now. Maybe you’re the one who can offer support and further the endeavors of those around you through your access to resources and power to wield them as you please.

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