Weekly Horoscope for November 7-13, 2022

Here’s your Weekly Horoscope for November 7-13, 2022

This week is jam packed. Stories that have been building since mid-October are reaching a culmination. This weeks themes are power, consensus, and control.

8 – Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse in Aries, Mercury conjunct Sun
10 – Mercury square Saturn
11 – Sun square Saturn, Venus in Scorpio
13 – Mars (Rx) in Taurus, Mercury in Scorpio

The one who has power does not always have control. When you have power you have the resources, skills, or fuel to execute something. When you have control, you are in the position to determine whether or not that thing gets executed. Ideally, we’d like to have both power and control.

Every time you see the word “square” here, it means that there is a struggle between those who have power and those who have control. Right now the sky favors those who have power.

Right now, power looks like consensus, collaboration, cooperation. We can see this with union fever still building while union crushing tries to keep up.

You might feel thwarted trying to gain control alone. Co-regulation (co-control/self-control) is not only about your internal emotional state and bodily functions. It’s also about how we manage resources and impose order and structure on the external/material world.

Tuesday’s full moon + lunar eclipse is a turning point in the season. Venus has been dominant (all the themes mentioned above.) The full moon shows Mars taking the reins. A stellium in Scorpio begins to build with Venus and Mercury entering Scorpio.

Mars dominating the late fall focuses on emotional boundaries, self preservation, and bodily autonomy. Whether it’s abortion, vaccines, or masks, bodily autonomy has been a major focus especially since we had eclipses in Scorpio and Taurus (June 2020 – May 2022.)

I offered horoscopes for each sidereal rising and moon sign in my November 2022 Horoscope. You can view it on Instagram. Make sure you know your correct sidereal rising sign and moon sign. Use this guide to cast your sidereal birth chart.

More Jupiter in Scorpio themes…

In my original post laying out themes for Jupiter in Scorpio I offered a list of keywords, concepts, and themes that would be prominent for that year long transit. Here are some additional themes. 

  • Rogue
  • Rebellious
  • Army
  • Navy
  • Marine
  • Police
  • Soldiers
  • Guns
  • Surgery
  • Weapons
  • Bombs
  • Knives
  • Bullets

I’ll probably add another list sometime before the transit begins, as well as aggregating manifestations of my predictions.

Jupiter enters Scorpio October 10, 2018

Jupiter in Scorpio: 2018-2019

Jupiter enters Scorpio October 10, 2018. It will transit Scorpio in two phases. First through March 29, 2019, then April 22, 2019 through November 4, 2019. What will it mean for us? Read on to find out.

Jupiter in Scorpio


Jupiter spends about 1 year in each sign. Its sign placement sets the trend both personally and globally. It tells us how we are progressing and developing as a culture. It shows us how we collectively interpret the events and circumstances in which we find ourselves.

As the story we bring to what we see, hear, and feel, It’s the baseline given narrative that provides context for what we experience.

Jupiter articulates what we believe is possible. These possibilities are rooted in experience. They weave the narrative of our lives, determining how we interpret what we see and experience. It’s one thing to see (SUN), it’s another to give word to what you see (MERCURY), and then something different to infer meaning and interpret (JUPITER).

By transit, Jupiter brings opportunities to assess how we’ve interpreted our experiences. Are those interpretations accurate? Or, is it time to update the narrative that tells the story of possibility in our lives? Jupiter transits to the natal chart bring opportunities for new experiences, new interpretations, and new stories about what is possible for us.

Jupiter’s sign each year defines the intention of collective action. Jupiter answers the question, what is the motivation for society’s will to act?

Jupiter in Libra

September 11, 2017 – October 10, 2018

Libra is the cardinal air domicile (home) of Venus, exaltation of Saturn, detriment of Mars, and the fall of the Sun.

As the home of Venus, the cardinal air sign Libra teaches us about unity for the sake of reconciliation. It is here that we magnify commonalities so that the cross section of agreement can be found.

As the exaltation of Saturn, Libra teaches us about consensus as the most appropriate method for defining limitations. Saturn in Libra is the very definition of consensual reality.

As the detriment of Mars, Libra teaches how to use consensus as the means to autonomy and execution of the will.

As the fall of the Sun, Libra teaches how to socially contextualize personal dominion. It asks us to define the social implications of our perceptions and self concept.

Wherever Libra is in your chart is where you seek the agreement of others as a means to making progress. It’s where you are called to forsake your feelings and perceptions for the cause of ideals and consensus.

Justice is a tool of human righteousness, not a diving intervention.

Since September 11, 2017 Jupiter has been in Libra. Answering to Venus and the transits it has made, Jupiter has set the trend of Justice for and by women. We saw the #MeToo movement, #TimesUp, and unprecedented firsts for women in many fields. We saw women running for public office, again, in unprecedented numbers.

Libra is a cardinal sign focused on consensus. Consensus means ‘with agreement’. Libra asks, how can we move forward together, with agreement? It’s objectivity is not truth. The objectivity of Libra is a reality that can be verified by other people. Reality itself is consensus for Libra.

Just as we’ve found new motivations for justice, we’ve also sought to ignore differences, often in ways that brought harm and inequality to many people.

Jupiter in Libra taught us that consensus comes at a cost, and it is not a panacea for progress. How can we learn to accept our differences and quench the urge to reconcile the irreconcilable? Not everything can be brought into agreement.

One other major lesson of Jupiter in Libra that I wrote about at the onset of this transit is regarding the nature of legality.

“…more often than not, those we define as wrongdoers don’t always get their comeuppance without human intervention. This is another important lesson of Jupiter in Libra.

That same bias that determines what is wrong or criminal (against the law) determines who is criminal and who is wrong. In America, law has historically been used to abdicate the white ruling class from the legal consequences of immoral actions like slavery, lynching, extrajudicial killings or state sanctioned murder, or leaving an entire city of people without safe drinking water.

Justice does not equate to morality: it stratifies classes of people into those with power and those without power or agency, those who make and enforce the laws and those who are disproportionately targeted by laws.”

Jupiter in Scorpio

October 10, 2018 through March 29, 2019 | April 22, 2019 through November 4, 2019 [Jupiter will spend March 29, 2019 through April, 22 2019 in Sagittarius]

The move from Libra to Scorpio is one of the most drastic in the zodiac. The change from a Venus ruled sign to a Mars ruled sign is a transition from the many to the singular, from consensus to dissent.

Scorpio is the fixed water domicile of Scorpio and the detriment of Venus and the fall of the Moon.

As the fixed water home of Mars, Scorpio teaches us about the role of our emotions in our drive for self preservation. Emotions are a signal alerting us to that which preserves our lives and that which endangers our lives.

As the detriment of Venus, Scorpio teaches us about the necessity of standing your emotional ground when the pressure to conform undermines your survival instinct.

As the fall of the Moon, Scorpio teaches us about the need to cut biological ties for the sake of self preservation. Blood ties can be toxic to one’s survival.

“Patriotism is an idea, so is capitalism or communism. But ideas can make men forget their own interests and the guys in charge will exploit men who believe in ideas too much.”  – Panchinko by Min Jin Lee

During the recent Jupiter in Libra transit, we saw clearly how ideas can inspire a person to give up their autonomy. Autonomy means self (auto) law (nomos/nomy). Jupiter in Libra has highlighted the drive to submit one’s self-law to another law outside of the self. That is the law determined by consensus, by the group.

The idea of being civil has to do with being a functioning member of society. If you want the benefits of being part of a group then you have to follow the rules the group has laid out. The calls for civility during Jupiter in Libra have been used to silence demands for justice rather than to demand members of society treat each other with dignity.

But now, as we come to Jupiter in Scorpio, the trend shifts from moving forward with consensus—to feel with (another or others)—to standing one’s ground with dissent (differing sentiment/feel).

Where Libra has brought a new consensus, especially with regard to women and the rights of the disenfranchised members of society, Scorpio comes to teach us about emotional autonomy as a means to self preservation.

Since Jupiter defines how we interpret our experiences, defining the narrative we bring to what we see, in Scorpio we now come to interpret our experiences through the narrative of self preservation.

Libra is not an emotional sign. Justice bears a sword and a scale seeking to exact and reconcile. Libra demands that you give what you owe, to reckon and make all things equal. Fairness is measured in the swift consideration of remedies for infractions. Libra upholds principles even if they offend the personal and emotional.

In contrast, Scorpio maintains the physical body, the life that has been established. Threat detection and perception, the necessity of calling a thing what it is no matter how uncomfortable it may make others, no matter how it offends, is the means by which one preserves their life—survives.

Where Taurus, the sign opposed Scorpio, demands assimilation and conforming—and Libra demands consideration—Scorpio says, “I have a right to feel how I feel!”

Gone are the demands for civility and “let us come together and reason”. Jupiter in Scorpio invites opportunities for acting in one’s own self interest, rejecting pressure to emotionally conform.

Key Phrases and Concepts

These words and concept shall guide us through this Jupiter in Scorpio transit:

  • Deviate from the consensus
  • Deviate from the norm
  • Separation from the party
  • Cutting off ties
  • Isolation from the group
  • Separation and loss
  • Putting up a fight
  • Not afraid to fight
  • Dig in your heels
  • Survival instinct
  • Self preservation
  • Dissent
  • Self-interest
  • Resistance
  • Against all odds

Guiding Questions

Here are questions to guide you through this Jupiter in Scorpio transit:

  1. What experiences lead you to greater emotional autonomy?
  2. In what ways is dissension a matter of survival for you?
  3. What is your relationship with anger, fear, and other “uncomfortable” emotions?
  4. In what area(s) of your life is it necessary to leave others behind for the sake of your own life and emotional well-being?
  5. What does “stand your ground” mean for you? And where in your life are you ready to take on this stance?
  6. Who are the people and what are the experiences that encourage your right to feel how you feel?
  7. What does it look like for you to honor your feelings and not rationalize them, or conform, so that other people will accept you?
  8. In what ways has your refusal to conform left you isolated and alone?
  9. How have experiences of separation and abandonment cultivated a defensive stance telling you the story that “emotional intimacy is unsafe for me?” Is this story still true for you?
  10. What is the cost you pay for putting your feelings first?

The Sun in Sidereal Astrology

This is a post about the Sun in sidereal astrology. It originally appeared as a thread of tweets on Twitter.

The Sun as a golden fiery ball of gas

There are 3 primary ways to understand the function of a planet in a natal (birth) chart. And I believe they go in this order:

  1. As representative of people in your life;
  2. As experiences or events at particular times;
  3. As aspects of your becoming, rooted in 1# & #2.

Free Will & Astrology Aren’t Good Friends

Modern astrology often avoids, derides, or out right denounces predictive astrology. But that’s because modern astrology doesn’t possess the tools to be adept at predictive astrology. Plus, it’s predicated on free will which is NOT the philosophical roots of astrology at all. If you’ve followed me for awhile you’ll know that I believe we have very limited freedom of will. And I believe that free will is a tool of oppression. But that’s another conversation for another time.

The focus on individual will as opposed to a more collectivist worldview has framed the sign of the Sun in a natal chart as the most important and central part of a person’s astrological make up. This is unfortunate.

Which You is the Real You

Anyone born within the same season (30 +/- day period) as you has their natal Sun in the same sign as you. Let’s borrow from Chinese astrology to understand what a season is and how it relates to the natal Sun’s sign.

In Chinese astrology, the season of birth which is the month of birth, is important. However, that season serves as a context for the day of birth. This is like the relationship between the Sun and the moon. The Moon being the day, the Sun being the month. The season/month of birth generally defines the level of support the day master/day element has. Specifically it represents the parents, family, home and upbringing.

Now, if we translate this back to western astrology, we’ll see that the Moon is the identifying factor in a natal chart as it takes 2 days to transit a sign (as opposed to 30 days for the Sun). A person born in the same season as you (30 day period of the same Sun sign) has to be born within the same 2 day period as you in order to have the same Sun and Moon sign. Conceptually this helps us to understand that the Sun in the natal chart is not a unique identifying factor for an individual. I know this goes contrary to everything you’ve learned, but you must unlearn it.

I’m going to offer some philosophical concepts to help you better understand the Sun in astrology. Then I’ll offer some basic significations. The latter will be a result of the former.

Have You  Ever Seen the Sun?

Look at the picture of the Sun that I used to begin this blog post. Have you ever turned your head towards the sky and observed the Sun appearing this way? How does the Sun appear to your eye? Have you ever seen it as it is? A simpler question: What does the Sun look like?

All that we see with our eyes is because of the light of the Sun. Objects absorb & reflect certain wavelengths of light providing the appearance of colors. Yet we can’t perceive this light as it is. Google quantum physics & explanations of light and matter, have your mind blown.

The primary way that we perceive the light of the Sun is via the Moon. The Moon reflects different amounts of the Sun’s light at cyclical intervals based on the spacial relationship between the Moon, Earth, and Sun.

In astrology the Sun is the mind, sight, and perception. You cannot see the mind. You cannot see sight. And you cannot perceive perception. Much like you cannot take your eyes out of your head and look at them. The very nature of the mind and perception is that you cannot turn it back on itself to see it. Just like you cannot see the Sun as it truly is, you cannot see the mind.

The Sun is the light that illuminates allowing perception. It’s consciousness, and the lens through which you see yourself—not your physical body, but the concept of yourself held in your mind. The Sun is the concept of your self, the idea of who you are that you project into the world, and that you seek to see reflected back to you.

There is no you without your body. When there is no body, there is only the idea of you which is different in everyone’s mind. What is the body in astrology? It’s the Moon. And we know that the Moon is about family, mother, your home, your tribe. It’s the social and physical means by which you come into being.

Identity is a funny thing. Social science and philosophy ask and attempt to answer questions about how identity is formed. We know that identity is formed in society/social setting.

You and the concept/idea of who you are (SUN) comes into being via your body, your mother, your tribe, your family, society (MOON). There is no you without things.

Going back to my comparison to Chinese astrology, it’s clear that in a hierarchy of planets and points that most uniquely identify you and your life, it is the Moon and it’s relationship to the Sun that gives a complete and unique picture. This is why I see astrology as a social science and a tool of divination. It very clearly articulates the nature of human life, the self, and how it comes into being.

But, if you believe that who you are is something that exists in this rigid form, separate from your relationships, family, and society, rather than emerging from those things, then of course you think that the Sun is the most important planet in the natal chart.

The Sun as a Gear of Time

The Sun is the father, significant men, and authority figures. It is your mind, the concept of how you perceive your self, the lens through which your mind perceives the world around you. The Sun is how you think of yourself, yet it says nothing of who you are and what you do out in the world.

The Sun says nothing of how others see you. No one can see your mind, and you can’t see theirs either. It says nothing of how you function and the roles you play in life. Implied here is that your self concept/idea of yourself is formed and reinforced by your body, your family and upbringing, your tribe, and the society in which you come up.

The very 1st time the Sun returns to the position where it was when you were born, there have been 13 Moons/lunations. That’s 13 cycles of New & Full Moons, 365+/- circadian cycles of sleeping and waking. If the Moon is the body, this is 13 cycles of nourishing and nurturing that body.

At that time you answer to your name, and you have come to understand whether or not needs you have and express will be fulfilled. Will someone answer when you cry? Do you experience familiar smells and sights? Is your world one of plenty or lack? Are you touched and played with?

All of these things have to do with the body. And the orientation of your body to the world around you and the people in it are what forms the first ideas of who you are. This is the relationship between the Moon and the Sun in your natal chart: how is the idea/concept of yourself formed?

You have no identity when you are born. You have no idea or concept of a self or who you are. It is something that develops over time. And every time the Sun comes back to the sign and degree where it is in your natal chart, you enter a new season of becoming aware of this self. That time is around your birthday each year and we call the chart cast for that moment your solar return.

The season of your birth, the Sun sign in your natal chart, is indicative of the outer world circumstances in which you were born. It is a transiting moment of time for your mother as well. And what is the mother, the Moon in your natal chart.

Wrap your mind around that!

2018, part 2

We are entering the 2nd half of 2018. This is where it gets interesting…

Between Mars’s 6 month Capricorn transit and retrograde, the Capricorn lunar eclipse (July 27, 2018) conjoined Mars, and Jupiter in Scorpio, this year ramps up in intensity from now through the rest of the year and into 2019.

Jupiter in Scorpio (October 10, 2018 through November 4, 2019) will bring up for resolution stories from the summer of 2016. Then, Saturn was in the middle of its transit through Scorpio, and Mars went retrograde in Scorpio. Jupiter is ready to bring the chickens home to roost.

Regarding Mars & Capricorn, you can thinking about early to mid 2009, and November 2016. Collectively, those were difficult times for the US. Michael Jackson died (that was devastating, for real), and the US was in the midst of the Great Recessions. It was economically tough.

November 2016 was a shock for the world.

On August 27, 2018, Mars will station direct conjoined the degree where it was on the day Donald Trump was elected. BIG DEAL! Mars crossed this degree for the first time in the middle of May 2018. Mars will hover around this degree August 13 through September 10.

This is all to say that Mars’s direct station will bring bombshell revelations around Trump & Russia, it will illuminate major jolts to the US economy, and it will set off a series of events that make the end of 2018 unprecedented in major ways.

I’ve said nothing about Venus in Libra for 4 months, and the US mid-term elections. But I’ll save that for another time.

For now, think about your own 2009 and the parallels to now as far as what area of your life is the focus. And what were you doing during the Summer of 2016?