Weekly Horoscope for November 7-13, 2022

Here’s your Weekly Horoscope for November 7-13, 2022

This week is jam packed. Stories that have been building since mid-October are reaching a culmination. This weeks themes are power, consensus, and control.

8 – Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse in Aries, Mercury conjunct Sun
10 – Mercury square Saturn
11 – Sun square Saturn, Venus in Scorpio
13 – Mars (Rx) in Taurus, Mercury in Scorpio

The one who has power does not always have control. When you have power you have the resources, skills, or fuel to execute something. When you have control, you are in the position to determine whether or not that thing gets executed. Ideally, we’d like to have both power and control.

Every time you see the word “square” here, it means that there is a struggle between those who have power and those who have control. Right now the sky favors those who have power.

Right now, power looks like consensus, collaboration, cooperation. We can see this with union fever still building while union crushing tries to keep up.

You might feel thwarted trying to gain control alone. Co-regulation (co-control/self-control) is not only about your internal emotional state and bodily functions. It’s also about how we manage resources and impose order and structure on the external/material world.

Tuesday’s full moon + lunar eclipse is a turning point in the season. Venus has been dominant (all the themes mentioned above.) The full moon shows Mars taking the reins. A stellium in Scorpio begins to build with Venus and Mercury entering Scorpio.

Mars dominating the late fall focuses on emotional boundaries, self preservation, and bodily autonomy. Whether it’s abortion, vaccines, or masks, bodily autonomy has been a major focus especially since we had eclipses in Scorpio and Taurus (June 2020 – May 2022.)

I offered horoscopes for each sidereal rising and moon sign in my November 2022 Horoscope. You can view it on Instagram. Make sure you know your correct sidereal rising sign and moon sign. Use this guide to cast your sidereal birth chart.

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