Venus in Aries

Venus has been in sidereal Pisces since January 27, 2017. Normally in one sign for 4 or 5 weeks, Venus has been in the domicile of Jupiter for 4 months due to its recent retrograde. Venus enters sidereal Aries, the domicile of Mars, on May, 30 2017 at 10:26pm CST.

Shea Rose: Little Warrior
Shea Rose: Little Warrior courtesy of Wikipedia

Where Venus seeks consensus via pathways to a common end, conscientiousness as the awareness of oneself within the context of others; Mars (ruler of Aries) abandons the middle line compelled to choose sides.┬áMars is self preservation and the will to live, the courage to deviate from the status quo. It’s the answer to the stagnation of contentment.

Venus in Aries brings the courage to take a risk for the common good. Who is willing to deviate from the consensus which has shown itself to be spoiled? Who will relieve the pressure of progress pressing against the complacency of comfort?

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