Weekly Horoscope December 12 – 18, 2022

Here is your weekly horoscope for December 12 – 18, 2022.

This week we settle firmly into what we were transitioning into last week. You don’t have to look too far or too deep to see that the following themes are loud and imposing:

  • Trust & Truth,
  • Prejudice & Prejudgement
  • Skepticism & Paranoia
  • Zealotry & Indoctrination
  • Belief & Conviction
  • 15 – Sun in Sagittarius

A crucial question of this moment is this:

Do personal experiences meet the criteria for what qualifies as accurate and factual knowledge?

The fact that we have a word—anecdotal— that means to judge as not reliable or necessarily true because it is a personal account, speaks to the power dynamics inherent to our cultural definition knowledge, and the context within which we must develop self trust.

We are socially conditioned to reject our bodies as a primary source. Because no one can (allegedly) get inside your body to experience you, you must immediately seek external evidence. You look for some kind of consensus via a word to describe it; validation from authority with the power to make your experiences real in the eyes of others; or “irrefutable” proof from science—that what your body says/feels/knows is real.

These hierarchies of knowledge and power are our cultural indoctrination. Trust yourself less, trust the gaze of others more. Trust the gaze of those with power in capitalism, patriarchy, and white systems of domination the most.

I recently finished the audiobook version of Zora Neal Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God, performed by Ruby Dee. In the lead up to the climax of the story, a hurricane was about to slam the everglades where Janie and Tea Cake had taken up residence, several days passed where the Seminole bands traveled east away from the coming storm. Snakes and crows and other animals traveled east. And the Bahamian folks living in the ‘glades were the last to go by car. They saw the “crow gahn up” and knew it was time to go. Yet, Janie and Tea Cake stayed.

When the Bahmian offered a ride, Tea Cake said:

“Dat ain’t nothin’. You ain’t seen de bossman go up, is yuh? Well all right now. Man, de money’s too good on the muck. It’s liable tuh fair off by tuhmorrer. Ah wouldn’t leave if Ah wuz you.”

“There Eyes Were Watching God” by Zora Neale Hurston

Meaning, Mr. Turner, the white land owning planter that Tea Cake worked for, hadn’t left. So, in his logic, why should Tea Cake? The white man with access to land, money, and power knew better than the fear of the Seminole band, the crow, the Bahamian, and even his own body. Besides, Tea Cake was making money too good leave.

Everything was more true, more real, more powerful than his fear. So much so that he couldn’t access it. He couldn’t feel it.

  • Whose authority do you petition in order to validate what you sense and feel in your body?
  • How do you know what you know? How do you know that what you know is true? 
  • How do you access the body as a way to know what is real?
  • What happened to you that makes it difficult for you to access your body?
  • What political, religious, or spiritual beliefs do you have about what your emotions and sensations in your body mean?
  • What privilege and power do you have that facilitates this access?
  • How are you becoming more sensitive to your body in ways that contradict your politics and your religious and spiritual beliefs?

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