Mercury enters Capricorn – February 3, 2017

Mercury enters Capricorn Friday, February 3, 2017 on the same day as the First Quarter Moon in Aries and the collective conversation changes tempo. Mercury will leave the domain of Jupiter, the sign of its detriment, and enter Capricorn, the domain of Saturn.

All sign changes and transits listed in sidereal.

Mercury in Capricorn: February 3 – February 22

Mercury in Capricorn 2/3/2017 - by @PeoplesOracle
Mercury Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter in Virgo, had the news cycle moving rapidly. In true mercurial fashion, the onslaught of stories and the scattered pace of events made it difficult to know what was important.

Mercury gathers and organizes information, calculates, and works with the hands. In Sagittarius Mercury answers to Jupiter and is forced to fit the information into a larger narrative and understand the deeper implications. Sagittarius often runs hot and cold with passion, zeal than apathy. Mystery attracts Sagittarius and sets them on a path of discovery, seeking. But with so much information passing through it’s difficult to discern the importance of every message and story and to know just what one has found.

Mercury becomes more calculated and grounded in Capricorn. Rather than being overwhelmed with information and trying to piece it together, Mercury is systematic and methodical here. The messenger leaves behind the task of synthesizing info and begins to organize it in a hierarchy.

Mercury in Capricorn is about method and praxis. Structures of thought, organized communication, and calculative interpretation of information provide a means to process and translate our perceptions. Here, Hermes answers to Saturn which is newly in Sagittarius.

Mercury Answers to Saturn

Saturn in Sagittarius, so far, has meant a collective means to establishing order and structure with immigration and religion in the US. Ruled by a debilitated Jupiter in Virgo, power structures and government actors have been shortsighted. Claiming that only 109 people were directly affected, it shows the weakness of Jupiter in Virgo.

In that sign, Jupiter uses numbers, data, facts, and calculations to synthesize info and see the bigger picture. But it lacks good judgement, empathy, and truth. The implications for a singular circumstance inevitably has a much larger impact that 109 inconvenienced people could ever show.

Jupiter’s debilitation in Virgo makes it difficult for us to see how current events and our present circumstances affect us in the long term, the big picture. In times like these, the fragments don’t always reflect the whole. Or maybe we can’t perceive the whole as accurately as we think we can.

Mercury and Jupiter will be in a trine relationship with one way reception (Mercury receives Jupiter being in the sign of its domicile). The trine shows a willingness and opportunity to work together. And the reception means Mercury will accept whatever Jupiter offers. Jupiter is offering a fragmentation of the truth and Mercury will take those numbers, those facts and figures and put them in hierarchical order. Perhaps the most pressings themes will emerge as what we need to focus on what’s.

2017 Aries Ingress: Predictions for the New Administration

In this post I made predictions about the internal workings of the Trump administration based on a chart cast for the place and time of the inauguration.  The Aries Ingress chart can give us a more comprehensive look at the administration, what its focus will be, and what it will contend with as it seeks to execute and implement its agenda.

The Aries Ingress is a tool of classical mundane (world affairs) astrology. It marks the point when the Sun reaches 0 Aries. The location is set for the capital of the country you wish to read for.

Mundane astrology has very specific rules for reading and interpretations. Each planet has specific significations. I will share what they are as I make read the chart and make predictions.

In this post, I will look at the 2017 Aries ingress chart to make predictions about new American president and administration.

Here’s the 2017 sidereal Aries Ingress chart for the USA: Sun-0 Aries (sidereal) April 17, 2017 4:33:38pm, Washington, DC:

Chart for the 2017 Aries Ingress - Sidereal

1. Look to the ascendant. If a Cardinal sign is rising (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) the chart lasts for 6 months. Cast another chart at the Cancer ingress. That chart will last till the next Aries ingress.

If a common/mutable sign is rising (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces), the chart lasts for 3 months. Cast 3 more charts. Cancer ingress, Libra ingress, Capricorn ingress.

If a fixed sign is rising (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius), the chart last for the entire year.

Leo is rising and it’s a fixed sign. This chart will last all of 2017.

Here is the sidereal 2017 Aries Ingress with the outer planets added:

Chart for the 2017 Aries Ingress - Sidereal (with the outer planets)

I added the outer planets so that you can see both the Sun and Uranus at 00 Aries. THe Sun is actually applying with 20 minutes of orb. I normally don’t bother with outer planets unless they are less than 2 degrees from a personal planet or angle. In this case Uranus is less than half a degree from the Sun. Even though cazimi is 17 minutes, I’m willing to give this Uranus cazimi status. I don’t have any reason why except to say that having The Sun and Uranus this close is a rare occurrence. But, don’t quote me.

The first house and the planet that rules it represents the citizens and the general conditions of the country. Since Leo is rising, the Sun rules the first house. By nature of the chart the Sun is in Aries, exalted. Not in its own sign but the honored guest of the King, comfortable and very well taken care of. I’ll discuss exaltation again concerning another planet.

Sun, ruler of the ascendant, significator of the people and the conditions of the country is in an exact conjunction w/Uranus, and trine Saturn in Sagittarius. I know ya’ll think Uranus is all cute and exciting, revolutionary, quirky, eccentric, etc, but the Sun conjuncts Uranus in the Aries ingress chart every 84 yrs.

The last year the Sun and Uranus were conjunct in Aries? 1933. Do we need a brief history lesson? I believe so!

The history lesson that follows is brought to you by the every 84 years conjunction of the Sun and Uranus in Aries, in the Aries Ingress chart.


Franklin D Roosevelt was inaugurated as president during the darkest days of the Great Depression. He campaigned promising to undo the damage the previous president’s, Herbert Hoover, policies had done. Sound familiar? Hoover refused to intervene in the grave economic crisis that his policies were responsible for.

Now the Great Depression had already begun, but we didn’t know that it would be as bad as was. The unemployment rate peaked at 25%!

On the other side of the Atlantic, Hitler was elected and he swiftly dismantled all the other political parties leaving only the Nazi Party and he declared himself dictator. Simultaneously, the first concentration camp was being built land was soon complete. All of this was preceded by a painstakingly written plan outlining what he was going to do. Everyone read it, yet they didn’t believe it. Not even the USA.

Roosevelt’s first 100 days in office were unprecedented. He created new departments & programs meant to alleviate the dire conditions of American people.

Now would be a good time to compare the 1933 Aries ingress with the 2017 Aries ingress.

1933 Aries Ingress vs 2017 Aries Ingress

Comparing the 1933 and 2017 Aries Ingress Charts - Sidereal

Disclaimer: i’m not predicting another great depression or market crash.

To understand the difference between these two charts and what they indicate for the US, we’ll look at two things only: House place of the Sun/Uranus conjunction, and the placement of Aries’ ruler, Mars.


  • Sun/Uranus in the 4th house trine Mars in Leo in the 8th house.
  • 4th house is the land, crops, housing market, common people…
  • 8th house is death and mortality as well as financial considerations of and with foreign nations

For the most part the 4th house is self explanatory if you know history. Regarding the 8th house: USA left the gold standard which was a HUGE deal!


  • Sun/Uranus, 9th house. Mars in Taurus, 10th house
  • 9th house: courts & the judiciary branch, foreign travel, religion, universities
  • 10th house: the President & the administration, majority party.

Mars & Sun/Uranus are not in aspect. Sun/Uranus are in the 12th house of the house of Mars. The 12th house of any house can represent the undoing of that house, and hidden enemies of the people represented by that house. So the Sun and Uranus and powerfully undo or sabotage whatever Mars represents. His undoing may be an inside job.

Sun/Uranus in the 9th house shows the opposition to the majority party and the administration using the courts to undo the office and administration of the president. Whoever is opposing the presidential administration will be in position to control the office of the president.

So, in comparison, the 1933 chart the Sun/Uranus conjunction put the focused on domestic policy and its effect the citizens of this country, the land, and resistance to the establishment.

The 2017 Sun/Uranus conjunction focuses on public issues between the president, the courts, and an enemy/enemies of the administration.

Mars in a daytime chart (2017) is destructive and divisive. Mars in a nighttime (1933) chart is more self protective which we saw in FDR’s policies. We can expect that Mars in the 10th house of the 2017 ingress chart to be destructive and disruptive to the presidential administration.

Mars is a general significator for war. It’s position in the 10th house at the very least shows conflict and perhaps violence. The only other testimony for that is the fact that Moon is applying an opposition to Mars. That leads me to believe that this will be a war of policy and a war of protest against the administration. The Moon is a general significator for the people in general, and women specifically. But also this theme of hidden enemies resurfaces as the Moon rules the 12th house where Cancer is.

Sidenote: Moon in the 3rd house. News, media, publications, may be the venue of the people’s resistance, dissension, and opposition.


Significator for the President and the Administration

What planet signifies the president? Both Mars & Venus. Venus primarily, because it rules Taurus, the sign on the 10th house. And Mars because it’s in the 10th house.

We’ve already talked about Mars. Mars is some external or inner circle entity that disrupts and/or overtakes the presidential administration. But it is also the President himself. Mars being in the sign of its detriment and contrary to the sect of the chart brings out it’s more negative meanings. William Lilly says (as adapted by Deborah Houlding of

Manners when badly placed: Then he is a prattler without modesty or honesty, a lover of slaughter and quarrels, murder, thievery, a promoter of sedition, frays [36] , and commotions, and highway-thief, as wavering as the wind, a traitor, of turbulent spirit, perjurer, obscene, rash, inhumane, neither fearing God or caring for man, unthankful, treacherous, oppressors, ravenous, cheater, furious, violent

I had to look up some of these words. Needless to say, it describes the character and temperament of Donald J. Trump explicitly and accurately.

That leaves us with Venus. Venus rules Taurus which is the sign on the 10th house. Where is Venus? In hot feces, I tell you!

Venus is retrograde in Pisces in the the 8th house. The puts the new president and his administration in a dire predicament. The retrograde status of Venus emphasizes its significations, but challenges it’s effectiveness. It’s moving backwards. So, that’s not progress, that’s regression, revisiting, returning, and reversals. But, it actually gets worst!

Venus is in a terrible condition called besiegement. It’s separating from one malefic and applying to the other. Venus is separating from square with Saturn and mutually applying to a sextile with Mars. That “harmonious” sextile with Mars doesn’t mean much which Mars is powerfully placed and contrary to the sect of the chart. At most, it means the trouble it brings may be brought be a perceived friend.

Venus and Mars mutually applying means that they both have some interest in each other. But I’m not sure the president (Venus) is going to want what what the courts or his opposition is offering (Mars ruling the 4th & 9th house) is offering. The reception by sign (Mars being in Venus’ sign of Taurus) can mean that Venus has no choice but to accept what Mars is offering.

Based on the rest of the chart, it seems likely that Mars as ruler of the 9th house means some legal issues surface as brought about by opposition to the administration.

Besiegement ultimately means that the president is stuck between a rock and a hard place. From the trouble of foreign entanglements to legal problems domestically. He thinks Mars is is friend (sextile and in Taurus), but they are not his friends, perhaps only to save him from himself.

Saturn in Sagittarius (sidereal) – January 26, 2017

Saturn in Sagittarius (sidereal) in 2017

  • January 26 – April 7
  • October 26 – January 23, 2020

There is probably no greater, more stark contrast between adjacent signs in the zodiac than between Scorpio and Sagittarius. Only the contrast between Pisces and Aries can compete. The former moves from a Mars ruled sign to a Jupiter ruled sign, the latter from Jupiter to Mars.

As we embark upon Saturn in Sagittarius it also means we move closer to 2020 when the Great Conjunction occurs. That is the conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn. It happens every 20 years and it’s the marker of times of peace and times of war, times of plenty and times of scarcity.

But let me not get ahead of myself…

Saturn in Sagittarius by @PeoplesOracle

What is Saturn?

Saturn is cold and dry. It’s of the night time sect. Its home is in Capricorn and Aquarius, and it is an honored guest of Venus when in Libra. Saturn is far from home with no friends in Cancer and Leo, and it is antagonist to Mars when in Aries. In all of the other signs, Saturn is peregrine. It has no authority or agenda, neither inimical nor congruent with its own nature.

Saturn is the keeper of time, the builder of buildings, and the harbinger of death. And when he enters Sagittarius, he will have to answer to Jupiter. Jupiter seeks to establish a framework for synthesizing one’s experiences as a way to anticipate the future. Jupiter is the teacher, the preacher, and the guru. He’s the senator and the judge, the zealot and the proselytizer.

The placement of Jupiter during Saturn’s time in Sagittarius will inform the how we experience Saturn both individually and collectively.

Jupiter in Virgo

Saturn begins his first ingress of Sagittarius while Jupiter is in Virgo. And this is where Jupiter will be for most of Saturn’s time in Sagittarius this year. This puts the planetary behemoths in a square relationship by sign with Jupiter receiving Saturn because Saturn is in the home of Jupiter. But that square relationship is one of adjustment.

Jupiter is in its detriment in Virgo, far from home and family. But he’s been forced to adopt the ways of the land in which he finds himself. Virgo is the calculator and the categorizer, putting things in their right place. Jupiter here uses calculation, facts, and figures to anticipate the future. Logic is the measure of truth. What can be known is that which can be accounted for, measured, and solved.

Sagittarius on the other hand loathes paper and pencil as the tools of knowledge, unless of course he’s writing a memoir of his exploits. He must get out there and get his feet wet, as he craves lived experience as the measure for truth.

Since Jupiter receives Saturn, Jupiter must begrudgingly set aside his spreadsheet of poll data and consider that perhaps all of the answers can’t be found by taking a subset of the population as a representation of the whole.

Both Sagittarius and Virgo have their biases. We run into problems because Virgo believes the numbers can’t be biased, and Sagittarius knows he’s biased, but still believes he’s right.

Narratives of Saturn in Sagittarius

~The paternalistic zealot calls the statistician back home with his own version of the truth.

~The establishment, overtaken with a passion for truth, challenges the the data.

~The senator is met with resistance. He believes he’s got the numbers, but he never accounted for this change.

~The government moves forward eagerly, when they realize they must answer and the numbers don’t add up.

~The excitement of change is tiring when you’ve got the same problem but the solution changes every time.

~Bureaucracy faces off with the courts.

Saturn says, “Here is the spirit of truth to which we must be loyal.”
Jupiter replies, “But the numbers show that this is what the people really want. See?”
“What do you expect me to do with numbers? Numbers are meant to measure trees, and count objects. But numbers can’t measure truth, nor can they assess the motivations of the heart. You need wisdom for that. Here, take this. Proceed cautiously” the wise father replies.

Jupiter in Libra

Jupiter will be in Libra while Saturn is in Sagittarius from October 26, 2017 – October 11, 2018

Now the game gets fun! Saturn in Sagittarius will be in mixed reception with Jupiter in Libra. Libra is the sign of Saturn’s exaltation. And of course Sagittarius is the domicile of Jupiter. These two signs are in sextile. So they get to working together and making it happen.

Jupiter in Libra synthesizes by gathering all of the facts, it’s truth by way of reason. Of course, too many facts and too much reason can often lead one further from a truth that resonates personally. The letter of the law overrides the spirit of the law. Lucky for Jupiter in Libra, Saturn in Sagittarius can at least work with that.

The letter of the law meets the spirit of the law and they work together to find a workable solution. Saturn in Sagittarius’ thirst for truth is tempered by Jupiter in Libra’s penchant for reason.

This part of the year seems less volatile, but I wouldn’t be so sure. Never know what can happen when an overzealous bureaucracy meets with a judge with reason. He will judiciously gather all of the facts, but can he discern truth with empathy? When Venus is in Libra while Jupiter is there too will be the best of times for this transit. November 2, 2017 – November 25, 2017. I’d say that is the best time for the courts to have a say in all of the unconstitutional activity occurring in the new US presidential administration.

Tropical Zodiac vs Sidereal Zodiac?

Tropical zodiac vs Sidereal zodiac, which one should astrologers use?

tropical vs sidereal - a dual wheel comparing each zodiac

First and foremost, it’s a personal choice. As with most techniques, I am a proponent of each person using what works for them. Essentially, however, I think the choice between the Tropical zodiac and Sidereal zodiac is a philosophical choice, rather than a technical choice between which one is more mathematically accurate.

Many articles detail the technical differences between the tropical zodiac and the sidereal zodiacs, as well as why astrologers would use one or the other. That is not the purpose of this essay. Here, The Art of Vedic Astrology: Sidereal vs. Tropical, you can read a simple explanation on the technical differences between the two zodiacs. Read here (Martin Gansten Traditional Astrologer: Tropical and sidereal) about the historical divergence of the two zodiacs in western astrology. Here, I intend to touch on the philosophical differences between the Tropical and Sidereal Zodiacs.

The zodiac is primarily a language of symbols. It is the attribution of meaning to clusters of stars, constellations, in the sky. More specifically, the meaning is attributed, in both the Tropical and Sidereal zodiacs, to 30 degree divisions of space beginning and ending at a specific point, not the actual constellations which are uneven in size.

From what is the symbolism of the zodiac derived? The answer to that question is complex.

In modern astrology the Tropical zodiac’s symbolism is a mixture of Northern Hemisphere seasonal correlations (Aries = Spring) and loose connections between the names of the planets and Greek and Roman mythology (ie. Mars, god of war). There are also some significations that come from the symbolism of the animals or objects attribute to be revealed in the constellations. So, Taurus the Bull is stubborn and willful.

The meaning attributed to and associated with signs of the Tropical zodiac seems to be more of reverse engineering. The physical experience of the seasons is attributed to the sign and planet. However in the sidereal zodiac, and especially traditionally, the symbolism of the signs comes primarily from the nature of the planets that rule each sign. In Hellenistic terms, this means the system of essential dignities and debilities.

This is not meant to be a conversation about traditional versus modern astrology; however, it is relevant since the sidereal zodiac in modern times is, with rare exception, almost exclusively used by Vedic astrologers who maintain a fairly unbroken history of astrological practice. A major philosophical difference then, is that the Tropical zodiac reflects the earliest homogenization of a western culture, an attempt at normalizing astrological time.

To be clear, one kind of zodiacal symbolism is readily experienced in the physical sense, that being Tropical. And the other, Sidereal, can be observed as a phenomenon of time in space.

The phenomenon of precession – which defines the fundamental difference between how the Tropical and Sidereal zodiacs are calculated – reflects the subjective nature of time. Tropical is convenient and orderly in a way the normalizes, or standardizes time, forsaking the shifting nature of time within the context of space for something more subjective to our experience on Earth, something more ‘universal’.

The subjective nature of time is apparent with the Sidereal, but hidden with Tropical. In Sidereal the Aries point, beginning of the zodiac, moves as the stars in our solar system move against the backdrop of the Milky Way Galaxy, thus subtly shifting where the zodiac begins as each hour, day, and year passes. But in Tropical, the Aries point remains fixed, tethered to the intimate relationship between the Earth’s rotation around the sun.

The primary function of the zodiac is as a language of symbols. The zodiac is not measuring anything tangible. Words are symbols to represent concepts. They are used in place of actual objects, to communicate their meaning or purpose. But the words are not the objects themselves. And they could never  The same can be said of the signs of the zodiac. The zodiac is not the thing; the zodiac is the symbol that helps to communicate the thing.

Astrologer Samuel Reynolds of, and co-founder of the International Society of Black Astrologers, sees the divergence of the two zodiacs as a cultural issue. Here is an excerpt from a conversation we had on the subject.

To touch on your question, I want to be clear that I look at the divergence of the two Zodiacs a little differently. I think the divergence is more a cultural issue, and I think it’s the divergence in the cultures that has led to the longevity of the distinctions between the sidereal and tropical Zodiacs. I think the Zodiac is largely an invention or mnemonic for the seasons as that link suggests. That’s what has made more sense to me. However, it’s the a posteriori re-reading of the history of different cultures at the point of drifting between the two Zodiacs that make us see an intellectual distinction that, again, came after the fact.

India actually became more of an insular containment field of astrology for centuries after the Greeks left. They ended up merging much of their own indigenous astrology with Hellenistic. The focus on the constellations goes along with a long standing tradition of Indians to be concerned with the whole. The subjective nature of West is on the individual, as that is the prime achievement of the West. There’s no such ultimate intention in Indian history. The individual is part of a collective, a constellation of being.

In this sense, sidereal astrology is situational, starting with the premise that an individual is coalesced into something larger than herself. In the big picture, this is accurate. However, if I’m focused on a more self-contained, isolated sense of self as my identity, then the tropical speaks to me.

So, what zodiac do you use? Is there a philosophical reason that you choose one or the other? I’d love to hear your answers. Tweet me! @PeoplesOracle