The People’s Weekly Forecast – October 2, 2017

This week’s main events are Venus and Mars in Leo, and the Full Moon in Pisces. They both perfect midday Thursday October 5, but will be building all week. Configurations (aspects) between planets are most effectual when they are applying, before the become exact. That applies to New and Full Moons as well as this week’s Venus-Mars conjunction.

As the Venus-Mars aspect is applying, the Moon will play facilitator, translating the light of one planet to the other. Let’s break this week down day by day.

The People's Weekly Forecast by Dayna Lynn Nuckolls, October 5, 2017-October 8, 2017

Monday, October 2
Moon in the beginning degrees of Aquarius is trine Jupiter in Libra early in the morning.

At the start of the day we may feel an eagerness and buoyant detachment that betrays the heaviness of the days—and maybe even hours—to come. Even if you feel like you can do it all, it’s probably best to be mindful that it’s only Monday… morning.

Moon in Aquarius is in the home of Saturn placing a focus on self determination and individual sovereignty, while Jupiter is in Venus’s house asking us to integrate and cooperate. Both air signs, it’s easy to set feelings aside and create space for idea generation, or at least some indulgent thinking. It may feel better to cut back on all the chatter and just do you work. That is, if people will leave you alone.

As soon as the Moon leaves that trine, it begins the real work of the week, setting off the building Venus-Mars conjunction. We’ll feel this all day as a distracting tension.

Tuesday, October 3
Moon is moving quickly and it arrives to the late degrees of Aquarius by evening. It will oppose both Venus and Mars in Leo giving us our first taste of this week’s defining aspect. Today is a busy day and one to watch.

All day we’ll feel the tension building as the Moon get’s closer to oppositions with first Venus and then Mars. Once we get past the later hours of the evening, we’ll feel the pressure take on a different tone as the Moon is still waxing towards fullness.

Everything feels urgent and intense. Oppositions have a way of making us feel like things are black and white—they blind us to the gray area which may provide a 3rd way. That’s the feeling we have all day Tuesday. There may be an opportunity to reconcile a long standing drama, but first everything needs to be laid out on the table. Wait, if you can.

Moon still has one last aspect with Saturn overnight, and that may make Wednesday feel much different. We get a taste of next week when the Moon gives us a preview of the applying squares that Venus and Mars will then make with Saturn.

If you feel eager to begin something new, just hold tight. Saturn is going to give us a reality check that may change the terms, or redefine what you thought you wanted.

Wednesday, October 4
The Moon finishes up its transit of Aquarius and squares Saturn before moving into Pisces

Moon, still in Aquarius, squares Saturn in the middle of the night well before sunrise. But it puts a heavy weight on the day. The feelings of detachment from the beginning of the week have morphed into a sobriety that’s impossible to ignore. Dreams may feel laborious.

Moon will shift into Pisces before the day really gets moving. In place for the Full Moon that perfects on Thursday, we already start to feel the magnification of feelings that it brings. Moon makes no aspects in Pisces until Thursday. We may feel spaced out trying to find balance between the work of our hands and the work of our soul as the day progresses.

Thursday, October 5
Moon opposes Mercury early before the Full Moon. Venus and Mars make their long awaited conjunction.

Today is busy. The work day begins in earnest with an opposition between the Moon in Pisces and Mercury in Virgo. Our bodies want to escape the grind even though our hands are ready to work. If you can find a way to infuse your work with spirit and meaning, you can work this energy and surrender to its call.

Now you can put into words the yearning of your soul. Your body can surrender to spirit through ritual work, whether that’s the focus of your daily grind, or more formal forms of spiritual work. Make room for spirit to speak.

Venus conjunct Mars, 25° Leo
Before we even get deep into the afternoon hours, Venus and Mars kiss in the sky, or maybe they bump shoulders. They’ve been trying to come together since January, but Venus slowed down for a retrograde station before they could conjoin. Now, the moment has arrived.

November 2, 2015 is the proper beginning of the cycle which is now ending for Venus and Mars. The same house of your chart is involved. So, go back to that point to see what’s closing out its final scene.

Here’s the story:

  • November 2, 2015 Venus and Mars conjunct, 29° Leo
  • March 14, 2016 Venus, 8° Aquarius square Mars, 8° Scorpio
  • May 24, 2016 Venus, 6° Taurus  opposed Mars, 6° Scorpio
  • August 6, 2016 Venus, 7° Leo square Mars, 7° Scorpio
  • January 2017 Venus and Mars almost conjunct in Aquarius, but almost doesn’t count
  • October 5, 2017 Venus and Mars conjunct, 25° Leo

This has been a long dance—Venus has been playing catch up with Mars all year. It’s as if they agreed to come back to where they were in November of 2015 to meet again. The 2017 conjunction is happening very close to where it happened in 2015, so you can be clear on what the story is.

Love, acceptance, pleasure, sex, and creativity coalesce with personal autonomy, self protection, and self assertion. Venus gets a charge from Mars as we feel motivated to go for something we’ve had our eye on. Things finally feel like they’re going to come together. So, we can let go, clear the slate, and make space for the new… almost.

In Leo, both planets answer to the drive for self awareness and exerting one’s power and influence on the surrounding world/environment. You’re feeling ready to make your mark by cutting ties or take a risk and reaching for it, finally. Depending on how this hits your chart, you could be in for a moment of completion, clarity, or an explosion. It could be all 3!

Venus and Mars need each other. Venus would lose herself in love and never separate from the group were it not for Mars’ courage and boldness which requires us to individuate and be ourselves. And Mars would be alone, defending its personal space while it perceives everyone and everything as a threat we’re it not for Venus providing sweetness with the draw of pleasure and fulfillment.

As soon as Venus perfects its conjunction with Mars it’s immediately in the in zone for a square with Saturn in Scorpio. It’s building all weekend to perfect Sunday.

The Full Moon in Pisces perfecting concurrently serves to amplify all that’s going on. The New Moon in Virgo was on September 20 and started this lunar cycle. But we can go back to the New Moon in Pisces from March 27, 2017 for clues as to bigger picture culmination occurring this month.

Virgo is literal and practical, mechanical and precise. Pisces feels its way through with nuance, intuition, and feeling. Virgo wants exact quantities and Pisces can feel when enough is enough. This Full Moon asks us to find the place where function meets flow.

The tasks, the movements, the steps is Virgo. It’s the ceremony and the master thereof. But Pisces is the sentiment, the soul, the ritual as the intention and purpose behind the movements. What is the intention behind what you do? Jupiter in Libra ruling this Moon asks what’s your why? Are you just busy or or is there purpose?

This time, we are inspired to be intentionally open to the possibilities of collaboration and cooperation as a means to provide us meaning, and illuminate the bigger picture of our lives.

Friday, October 6
Moon in Pisces isn’t finished. It’s trine Saturn early, then Moon enters Aries just before it opposes Jupiter.

The day begins with a trine from the Moon at the end of Pisces to Saturn in Scorpio. Trines can be tricky because they provide support even when what is being supported is harmful or difficult. Friday may be this way. But, it means that at least for a moment you may feel empowered to push through some difficult work and intuitively incorporate all the the week has brought you.

Jupiter has been a silent player this week, behind the scenes gathering the needed pieces for its story. The Moon began the work week trine Jupiter and ends the week opposed Jupiter. The difference here is how it feels. Friday amplifies the push-pull of passionate arousal versus dispassionate objectivity.  Once again it’s all too easy to go too far.

On the other hand Friday may lift you up and provide an opportunity to channel energy that’s been suppressed all week.

Saturday, October 7
Moon makes no aspects, but in Aries it’s fiery. It’s ruled by Mars which is still in Leo. All day the Moon is applying towards trines with Venus and Mars, setting the stage for an explosive Saturday afternoon and evening into Sunday.

The Venus-Saturn square defines the day and night. In this position, Venus is translating the light from Mars to Saturn. So, maybe there is a way to work out the conflict, to find a solution, to get past the block. But it’s not going to be easy at all. Will youcut your losses and get out while you can, or keep beating your head against a brick wall.

Your relationships are the venue for problems you’ve internalized for awhile now. Feeling blocked, like you can’t make any progress, can’t focus your energy in a way that brings about the results you want, or like there is a gatekeeper telling you no. Delay. Denial.

There is a possibility that you may take out your frustrations on your partner or they may emerge as a source of your problems. Tread carefully. Are the the source, an irritant, or a distraction?

Sunday, October 8
All the things are happening today. The Venus-Saturn square that began in earnest Thursday perfects early in the morning. Moon trines Mars then Venus, early. Mercury is cazimi the Sun. Moon spends most of the day in Taurus.

Oh boy, how were your dreams? How did you sleep? The fire in the sky is giving its last hurrah and the Moon is telling us all about. The Moon is busy very early making overnight into Sunday hot! Steamy dreams releasing pent up energy.

Moon in Taurus is quiet, restorative, and placid. It won’t make any aspects until Tuesday when things get thick again. Use this day to eat good, rest good. Tend to your body, it needs your loving care.

Mercury is cazimi (within 17 minutes of arc, which is a special conjunction) the Sun in Virgo. You want to use this energy to strategize your week because it’s going to be tense. Virgo helps you get down to business and focus on what needs to be done around the house and for the week. You may be able to have conversations today that you were too angry, tired, hurt, annoyed, frustrated to have before.

Jupiter is fresh into sidereal Libra, beginning a long transit which lasts until October 11, 2018. Similar to the monthly long reads I’ve published before, Jupiter in Libra is a piece that goes deep into the astrology that you need to know.

Jupiter left Virgo where it had been since August of 2016. In the long read, I describe Jupiter, Virgo, Libra and all that you need to know to make sense of this transit. What does it mean for the collective and for you personally, based on your chart?
Lady Justitia, Jupiter in Libra by Dayna Lynn Nuckolls

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