Spiritual Exercise – A Full Moon in Pisces Message

A tweet by a friend inspired this message. It seems to be the perfect message for today’s Full Moon in sidereal Pisces.

We often feel like we’ll escape the pressure or the circumstances that beckon us to change, and THEN we’ll grow, we’ll do better, we’ll be different. If we could just get away from that  thing that’s making us uncomfortable, reminding us of our inadequacies… Yeah, that’s partially true.

It’s in the discomfort of repeating a self sabotaging set of emotional habits or a pattern of choices we keep making is where the growth occurs. It happens out in the wild habitat of our living and being, not when we’re isolated in a cage of self protection. It happens inside the relationship​/difficulty/trial.

If you want to grow you have to go through things that make your old ways too small-ill fitting.

A Message for the Full Moon in Sidereal Pisces - Spiritual Exercise

There is a study (link to come) where nurses and home health aides and the like were told that their regular work was exercise, the control group was told nothing. You know the first group actually lost weight just by thinking of their work differently? So, you should try it.

If you’re in the midst of a trial, struggle, hard relationship: Treat that like it’s a spiritual workout. You are being pushed and pressed to grow. Dig into the resistance that you feel. Tell yourself, “I’m growing. I’m changing. I’m leveling up!” Don’t let the fact that you’re still in the test fool you into to thinking you’re the same as when you stepped into it. I promise you that when you come out of the darkness and see yourself in the light, you will see yourself differently.

Reflection that allows us to intellectually comprehend what is being required of us often comes after the pressure that has turned us into diamonds has already transformed us. The time of reflection is just what allows us to see that we have really changed.

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