Saturn, Its Return, And Possibility…

Saturn transits, especially the Saturn return, forces us to focus. You get real clear on what matters, and often against your will. And it’s generally not what you thought or wanted to matter

The dread of the Saturn return is that this world has not prepared you to confront your mortality, the limits of your personal power, and the limits of your body. You have been deprived of a right relationship with those things.

The optimism of youth is necessary to survive. And post 1st Saturn return sobriety is necessary to thrive. (The 2nd Saturn return can bring a revival of seemingly endless possibility after have done all that one “should” have done by 60.)

Part of the reason you hear so many stories of people finding a sense of purpose, meaningful work, and even community past 40 and 50 is because life has eliminated so many possibilities. It quenches the confusion by decreasing your options.

The illusion of choice seduces us into living, grasping for a future when. And the destruction of those illusions illuminates real possibility. Knowing what you really have to work with empowers you to get to work!

My Saturn return gifted me revelation about the sidereal zodiac. And when I tell you that this work was not in my realm of possibility, not even when I started, and definitely at no point before I started.

Life eliminated so much, literally just by me living it. This is what I was left to work with.

And this is truly what Saturn is about. It's soothing to have fewer options. Eliminates the fear of choosing wrong. This is why we gravitate towards and create binaries.

One thing that drives us from our core, but is denied fiercely, is the desire to do a good job. To perform well. To be validated and rewarded for it. To reach the milestone and be congratulated. To have evidence that we are progressing as we should. Evidenced by social acceptance

Saturn is the container this happens in. I define Saturn as the socially determined material consequences for existing. Of course, the ultimate consequence for existing is death. But there is so much in between birth and death. Saturn is there too.

I'm thinking of the World card in the tarot as one of many representations of Saturn amongst the 78 cards.

The World asks "did I make it? Did I reach the finish line? Did I rightly discern the limits of my body and the possibilities of time?"

I think this is also what’s behind the idea of procrastination. The limits of time engender an urgency to act.

Saturn has retrograded back into sidereal Capricorn. Earlier this year I offered a Saturn Return Workshop for those with Saturn in Sidereal Aquarius. You can find the contents of that presentation here. I’ll be presenting a workshop for those with Saturn in sidereal Capricorn on September 24, 2022. You can register for that here: Saturn Return in Sidereal Capricorn Workshop.

You can read what I wrote about Saturn’s transit through sidereal Capricorn back when it first began in January 2020:

In August I will facilitate a Saturn return workshop for those with Saturn in sidereal Capricorn.

These are the dates for the Saturn return in sidereal Capricorn generations:

March 20, 1990 – June 20, 1990
December 14, 1990 – March 5, 1993
October 15, 1993- November 9, 1993

February 1, 1961 – September 1961
October 7, 1961 – January 27, 1964

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