Astrology for the Week of March 26, 2017

I’m ready to talk about the astrological excitement that is the April 7-April 16.
But First…

Astrology for the week of March 26 – April 1

All transits are in sidereal. If you’re curious about your chart using the sidereal zodiac you can find a guide with instructions on plotting your sidereal chart here. And a post outlining some of the philosophical differences between tropical and sidereal here.

Astrology for the Week of March 26, 2017 - @PeoplesOracle

March 26, 2017 we walk through a vortex. Mercury reaches 0 Aries, the degree of its direct station (more on that below). We’ve already experienced planets crossing this point, and it has not disappointed.

Zero degrees of Aries is the beginning of the zodiac, so it’s always a sensitive point. But this year, it’s a poignant trigger that helps us to time important events.

On March 1, 2017, the first planet crossed the 0 Aries Marker. Mars jumped the threshold after dancing with the Moon at 29 Pisces. Moon followed quickly. We came out of the proverbial waters of baptism into the fire of fisticuffs. (As of early Sunday) Mercury is now at that same degree, 29 Pisces, ready to cross the threshold into the fire. Once again, our allegiances will be tested

As the Moon and Mars traversed 0 Aries we were coerced into taking sides. No more walking the thin line of feigned neutrality. In the public sphere, news broke that implicated Jeff Sessions in Russia-gate. This was an omen of things to come as the Russia story has demanded more and more of our collective attention.

But in our personal lives, we’ve felt the conviction of choosing sides in inner and external battles.

Where have you felt compelled to profess where you stand?
What side did you choose?

Next up is a New Moon in Pisces with Venus retrograde front and center. This is exact Monday evening, but active once the Moon enters Pisces overnight from Sunday to Monday. Pisces calls us to connect to something larger than ourselves, to awaken our empathy, provide deeper meaning and purpose to all that we do.

This is surely at odds with Mercury and Mars in Aries. These two planets are divisive, where Sun, Moon, and Venus in Pisces are like adhesive, beckoning people to come together. But this leads me to the conclusion that as we choose sides and proclaim where we stand, it allows for allegiances to be born.

When we are unafraid to be bold in our declarations of who we are, we are able to identify those who resonate with our convictions. We are able to connect with others based on shared ideals and common goals.

Our intentions for this New Moon period should be to stand strong in our convictions as a means to connecting to something larger than ourselves. For some reason,  we believe we can fit in when we stand in the middle, but at this time standing there will leave you standing alone. Relinquish fear of being a leader.

Moon enters Aries on Wednesday March 29. He sets off Mercury and Mars like a lit match in a keg of dynamite. Wednesday and Thursday are days to lay low and plan how to be responsive rather than reactionary. Both days the Moon is applying to planets so that means busy busy news. Think back to on or about March 1, March 8, March 15, for clues to the Moon/Mars story in your life.

Moon enters Taurus before daybreak Friday March 31. Moon makes aspects with Venus on Friday and the Sun & Jupiter Saturday. That makes for a very peaceful weekend prefacing an excitable and busy week.

Now, Important Dates

I’ve been saying that the week of April 9th is the turning point, but Friday April 7 through Sunday April 16 are probably the most intense days of the year, second only to late August when the total solar eclipse in Leo occurs and early September. Think of this as act one. Here is a rundown

  • April 7
    • Saturn Rx, 3 Sagittarius
    • Uranus enters Aries
    • Sun opposite Jupiter
  • April 9 – Mercury stations retrograde, 20 Aries
  • April 11 – Full Moon conjunct Jupiter, 27 Virgo
  • April 12 – Mars enters Taurus
  • April 13 – Aries Ingress, Sun conjunct Uranus
  • April 15 – Venus stations direct at 2 Pisces

In an upcoming post, I will go into full detail on these astrological events. It was originally part of one big post, but that seemed like too much to put into one blog post. So I’ll post the rest this week.

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