Weekly Horoscope for November 21-27, 2022

Here’s your Weekly Horoscope for November 21-27, 2022

This week with Mercury and Venus conjoined in Scorpio, Jupiter stationary direct in Pisces, and a New Moon + stellium in Scorpio, the sky is dominated by the tool Water.

Themes are: Emotional presence and awareness, listening to your body, and discerning threats.

Weekly Horoscope November 21-27, 2022

  • 21 – Mercury conjunct Venus
  • 23 – Jupiter in Pisces, Stationary Direct; New Moon in Scorpio

The gift of Water Is to be affected by your body. The wound of water is to be disarmed of our connection to our bodies. Being disarmed happens when we perceive our bodies, our emotions, and feelings as a threat to our safety/survival rather than the external person or force that is engendering those feelings.

  • When the need to be present to and aware of your body is blocked by neglect and coddling, how do you know what your body needs? (Cancer/Moon)
  • When you are gaslit out of your ability to interpret the messages your body communicates through its sensations and functions, how do you know who to trust? (Pisces/Jupiter)
  • When you are shamed out of your feelings and your ability to feel yourself as separate from others, how do you know who you are? (Scorpio/Mars)

We cope with this by numbing, or pacifying, which in this context means to avoid one feeling by submersing ourselves in a different feeling.

  • Feeling dysregulated and out of control of your body and feelings? That’s where we numb/pacify with indulgence and sometimes addiction. That means more food, more spending, more sex, more alcohol, more going out, more sleeping–never enough. (Cancer/Moon)
  • Feeling like you’re being lied to because others are withholding the truth? That’s where we numb/pacify with suspicion, distrust that borders on paranoia. That means nothing is as it appears,. Everything is a conspiracy or plot. No one is to be trusted, not even yourself. (Pisces/Jupiter)
  • Feeling alienated because others perceive your differences as a threat? We numb/pacify with isolation and self abandonment, centering the perceptions others have of us over our own perceptions and feelings about who we are. (Scorpio/Mars)

Numbing/pacifying is a useful tool and necessary coping/survival strategy. It’s one that systems of power compel is to rely on in ways that prevent access to that gift of being affected by our bodies.

But much like when the local anesthetic wears off, the injury still needs to heal. And sometimes, we might create another injury by not recognizing the injury that’s there by locating the pain and adjusting our behavior to give it time to heal.

  • What behaviors do you gravitate towards to pacify feelings of distrust and suspicion? Alienation and shame? Needing but not having or not knowing what you need?
  • What feelings/emotions do those behaviors give you?
  • What structural realities in the world are keeping you from having the time, money, social support, and will to be with your body and your feelings without numbing or pacifying?
  • What self discoveries have you experienced over the past month that have made you or parts of your experience make more sense to you? Do you trust the judgments you’ve formed during this time? Or do you feel like you need more information or external validation to be certain?

This is a sidereal astrology horoscope. Use this guide to cast your sidereal birth chart. Learn to read your sidereal birth chart, and identify its wounds and gifts.

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