Weekly Horoscope for November 14-20, 2022

Here’s your Weekly Horoscope for November 14-20, 2022

This week leads us into the next major phase of astrology of 2022. Venus and Mars duke it out now through mid-December. Now, we must develop a tolerance for difference.

How do you make room for others’ differences (AND your own!) without interpreting them as a threat, or shaming and rebuking them into conforming to what you believe to be “right”?

Weekly Horoscope, November 14-20,2022. 15-Venus Trine Jupiter. 16-Mercury Trine Jupiter, Sun in Scorpio. 20-Sun Trine Jupiter

This week’s themes (and through the rest of the month) are: Emotional boundaries and emotional resistance, shared social, ecological, and biological threats, alienation and isolation, protection 

Eclipse season Fall 2022 has required us to minimize our differences and magnify our commonalities in order to strategize. Where there have been elections, where workers are organizing, and other oppressed groups are consolidating power towards a common aim, the nuances of individual differences are disregarded for the greater good.

Proximity to (being in relationship and community) other humans guarantees feeling feelings, no matter the nature of the relationship or level of intimacy. Whether it’s humiliation, rejection, invisibility, or alienation, we cope by abandoning our most authentic selves. The overwhelm from those feelings, lack of coping skills, and the real danger of vulnerability is enough to compel us into isolation, recoiling from authentic connection.

This is especially the case when we get the message loud and clear that who we are, who or what we look like we are, who other’s think we are, and even who we see and feel ourselves as is not welcome. Even the most “free” and “real” among us know that we need each other to survive. And that need forces us to (intentionally or unintentionally) forgo the parts of ourselves that we can bring with us into relationships and community.

  • How shall we be different together? Or, must we all conform to the same image, a homogenous society of clones, in order to be together in relationship and community?
  • How shall we feel differently together? Or, must we disregard our bodies and take on the same emotional and biological reality?
  • How shall we see differently together? Or, must we share the same perceptions, even if it means disregarding our individual perceptions?
  • How shall we appear differently together? Or, must we all express ourselves the same way, concealing our differences to the point that we abandon any and all authenticity?

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