2021: The Will to Live

Free-will is the cornerstone upon which the Cult of Individualism is built. The core tenet of this cult’s doctrine is that each individual person is the master of their own fate—we are free because we have a will. With this will each individual person holds in their hands the power of their own life and death, wealth or poverty, sickness or health, love or loneliness, joy or grief. The power of force, self-discipline, and labor is all you need to conquer and subdue the will into manifesting whatever you desire.

This indoctrination into the myth of free-will has not illuminated the key to our liberation. Instead, it has created the most successful campaign of settler colonialism in human history.

Black circle on top of a black background with many shades of yellow and gold dots splattered about. Text reads: The People's Oracle Presents 2021: The Will to Live.

This campaign of settler colonialism has been wildly successful because it institutes a form of colonization that does not require the conquering of a people by taking their land and resources. It colonizes the mind-body, first, which makes the colonized surrender land, resources, and labor without much resistance. In fact, once colonized, they become willing evangelists for the cause of free-will, doing the missionary work of the colonizers for them.

Human survival is as much about the perpetuation of power hierarchies, as it is about the perpetuation of biological life. Those power hierarchies use the myth of free-will to possess and colonize the bodies of those who would otherwise seek to preserve their own lives. Instead power preserves itself at the expense of the life and bodies of those it disenfranchises.

Grind now, sleep later. Be sure that you’re at the top of the tower of oppression. Scratch and claw your way up there. We’re animals. Dog eat dog. Fight to survive. Where is the freedom in this?

If your will is truly free, if your complete fate is in your own hands, then how could you or would you hold accountable those who use the constructs of race, gender, sexuality, and class to maintain their power over you? Your fate is your fault, right? What does power have to do with it?

Is your will really free if its ultimate function, if the ultimate evidence of its success is that you have overpowered another person, or group of people? Is free will free if it is compelled to be as adjacent to whiteness as possible? Aligning yourself with the cause of men’s assumed authority over all, so that you can benefit from patriarchy? To make sure that your labor is worth more than everyone else’s labor? This is your freedom of will? This is what you chose with it?

2020 made it clear that the will is anything but free. Instead, the human will is the unwitting host to the force of life. Life is a consuming force that compels, controls, and devours its hosts. It is not contained in a singular being or mind, rather it is the sum total of all that breathes, and all exists in the mind, conscious, subconscious, and unconscious. Our refusal to accept the true nature of the will has stripped us of any bit of freedom we may have had. 

What is the evidence of a colonized mind-body? Lack of imagination. Not only unable to see what does not exist, but unable to actually see what is, free from the lens and gaze of your colonizers. The imagination is the beginning of freedom. First, seeing clearly what is, then daring to envision an alternate reality. The will is the life force that compels us to bring down an imagined reality from the fantasy and dream worlds into the material world. Free your mind-body, and the rest will follow.

But you must first realize the reality of your imprisonment. How can you do so when your very survival instinct has been colonized by the myth of free-will?

In 2021, dare to feel. Feeling is the beginning of resistance. Rebellion starts in the body. And dare to dream. Imagine your way to freedom. Survival requires an active imagination. Decolonize your survival instinct.

Reading Your Sidereal Birth Chart Workshop – September 27, 200

Knowing your big 3 is cool and all, but do you know which planet in your sidereal birth chart is the most powerful and influential?

Reading Your Sidereal Birth Chart Workshop
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Social Skills: Venus Retrograde 2020

Venus in Taurus will retrograde Spring and Summer 2020 here are the important dates:

  • Venus in Taurus – March 27
  • Venus enters Retrograde Shadow – April 9
  • Venus Stationary Retrograde – May 12
  • Venus Stationary Direct – June 25
  • Venus leaves Retrograde Shadow – July 28
  • Venus in Gemini – July 31
Venus Retrograde 2020: Social Skills

Taurus, Venus’ Earth sign home (Libra is its air sign home) is the sign of CONVENTIONAL CONDUCT—that is the aesthetic and behavioral expectations we encounter based on the social designations of race, class, gender, and sexuality. This applies to both secular cultural expectations as well as those of religious communities. Here is where we are focused during this year’s Venus retrograde.

Venus was last retrograde in Taurus in 2012. That is of significance because the eclipses were in Taurus and Scorpio, just like they are this year, during that Venus Rx.

Scorpio articulates the human AUTONOMOUS INSTINCT—that is the physiological and psychic mechanisms of survival. Together Taurus and Scorpio are survival strategies that teach us how to come into a right relationship with how much of the burden of survival is individual and how much is shared.

Taurus and Scorpio also offer us language to understand why some emotions are easier for us to access and express while others are suppressed or repressed. These two signs certainly have much to teach us about how we manage the emotional reactions of others through our own behavior. Safe versus dangerous are the only two ways of judging people, places, and things as far as Taurus and Scorpio are concerned.

Venus Retrograde Journal & Reflection Questions

Here are some journaling and reflection questions to ask and answer as you move through the 2020 Venus retrograde.

  1. From which communities and people do you seek validation?
  2. What does this validation look like?
  3. How do you change your appearance and behavior in order to be validated and accepted?
  4. How is your understanding of your race, gender identity, class designation, and sexual identity changing based on the current cultural climate?
  5. What role does your race, gender identity, class designation, or sexual identity play in the kind of validation you seek?
  6. What are the consequences of receiving the validation you seek?
  7. What emotions do you find it easiest to express or perform?
  8. What emotions do you struggle to feel, access, or express?
  9. Where can you find roots of these struggles and proclivities in your past or upbringing?
  10. How are you coming to terms with the reality of your emotional identity and its impact on your relationships?
  11. What are, or have been in the past,  the personal and relational consequences of emotional presence and authenticity (expressing or performing your emotional reactions as soon as they arise)?
  12. What are, or have been in the past, the personal and relational consequences of performative emotional behaviors (expressing feelings that are meant to illicit a particular response or disarm others)?

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Tarot for the New Moon – February 23, 2020

This is a tarot divination for the New Moon in Aquarius which occurs Sunday February 23, 2020.

The New Moon in Aquarius answers to the newly minted Saturn in Capricorn. Saturn entered Capricorn on January 23, 2020 for the first time since 1993. It will remain there until January 2023.

Aquarius and Capricorn are both Saturn’s signs. Capricorn is the sign of material reality. Aquarius is the sign of conceptual/ideological reality. This New Moon is about the human capacity to disidentify with external authority and power structures for the sake of self-determination and personal sovereignty.

(8 of Pentacles)
Queen of Pentacles
9 of Cups

Stewardship is the art of recognizing value, honoring worth, and tending to the well-being and sustaining of what you are responsible for. Your belongings, your skills and talents, and your body are all under your stewardship. Your children, your home, and your Self are under your stewardship, too.

Systems of power impose value systems that define for you what you “should” value and where you “should” find worth. Self-determination and personal sovereignty are the realm of Aquarius. At this New Moon in Aquarius, taking a risk looks like abandoning the familiarity of those imposed value systems.

When we align our identities with authority figures we sacrifice personal sovereignty for the illusion of wielding power over others. You know when you leave a group of kids, they fight for dominance so that one or few move into the seat of power left by the absent adult. Proximity to power and identifying with authority figures feels like a legitimate way to claim agency, except that it requires you to suppress your organic perceptions and intuitive judgments of yourself and your world. You end up valuing what your oppressor values, and you articulate your worth in the language and framework of your oppressor.

The FOOL is a disruptor. They disrupt by abandoning a given path, taking a risk to change, and going with the flow rather than towards predetermined expectations. The FOOL divests from the need to get results from past efforts rooted. They have the courage to walk away without perceiving as a loss.

The FOOL provides the opportunity for you to liberate yourself. But it requires you to choose freedom over conforming. That means liberating the Self from performative measurements of worth, those meant to accrue social currency.

  • How are you conceiving of a world and a self that doesn’t replicate oppressive power structures, that don’t require you to define yourself in reference to harmful authority figures and leaders, and that neglects the gaze of those who have othered you?
  • How can you liberate yourself from imposed value systems that strip you of the authority to name value and claim worth on your own terms?
  • How are you identifying the ways you’ve sacrificed personal sovereignty in the name of being validated by oppressive power structures and hierarchies?
  • What authority figures have you identified with in your life? (Bosses, parents, teachers, etc)
  • How has using authority as a reference point for your identity defined your values for you? (that might mean seeing yourself as someone’s child, carrier of their name, national identities, religious identities, etc)
  • What do your values look like when you detach from those identities?
  • Where is the cornerstone of your worth when you conceive of yourself in new terms?