Mars in Capricorn: May 2, 2018 – November 5, 2018

Capricorn is the sign to watch in 2018. Eclipses + an almost unprecedented Mars retrograde. Mars will be in Capricorn May 2, 2018 until November 5, 2018, with a major eclipse conjunct then retrograde Mars on July 27, 2018.

Mars will station retrograde on June 26, 2018 and direct on August 27, 2018, remaining in Capricorn for the entire time.

The horoscopes written here exclusive apply to the sidereal zodiac. If you are unsure of the placements of planets and points in your sidereal birth chart, then use this guide to help you cast your sidereal birth chart.

Capricorn is the domicile of Saturn, the exaltation of Mars, the detriment of the Moon, and the fall of Jupiter. You can see in those planetary relationships the rigidity and sobriety of Saturn:

  • Lending strategy and order to our ambitions (Mars);
  • Elucidating an existential crisis for the body (Moon);
  • And, exposing the holes in our personal myth (Jupiter ).

In our personal lives and in the collective, we are seeing how the foundation and underlying structure has come to restrict and block our ability to respond to the needs of the body. Yes, our collective body, and our individual bodies and lives.

I’ve been saying that this year is unprecedented in many ways. That’s a word I want to keep using and keep present in our minds. We are setting a precedent now. So, we must each ask ourselves:

What is the precedent I intend to set in in 2018?

Below are horoscopes for the 2018 Mars in Capricorn transit + Retrograde, as well as the major Capricorn Lunar Eclipse on July 27, 2018. Read for your SIDEREAL Rising sign, Moon sign, and then your Sun sign (use this guide if you don’t know what those are).

Find more horoscopes and an in-depth interpretation for this transit in this YouTube video.

Mars in Capricorn May 2, 2018 until November 5, 2018
Link to Mars in Capricorn 2018 – YouTube

How are you developing the self discipline required to exercise your personal autonomy responsibly?

How are you reconciling your drive for self-determination with the world’s expectation that you work hard to be respected?

How are you striking a balance between emerging as a risk taker and leader amongst your peers and streamlining your efforts towards greater effectiveness in your life’s work?

What opportunities are you creating and taking advantage of in your public and professional life that allow you to properly express your boldness and need for freedom?

How are you stepping into the calling for you to be more responsible for your relationship with your intellectual and spiritual authority?

How can you work to surrender to the reality of your irrevocable ties with others while also working disrupting and revamping the outworn structures that have upheld the status quo in those relationships?

How are you striking a balance between the need to remain present to your immediate needs, and establishing relationships/dealing with conflict in order to anticipate future needs that require foresight and consistency?

What is the work that you must do in order to embrace a more structured and self-disciplined approach to the obligations you’ve committed to while being strategic in taking on additional duties?

How can you change your inner dialogue from “waiting for inspiration to create & produce” to “developing the self-discipline to be consistent in conceiving, gestating, and nurturing your progeny” (biological, intellectual, artistic, and professional)?

What steps are you taking in order to distance yourself from the trauma and the destructive stories you’ve inherited from your family lineage while also establishing structures to uphold your own legacy?

How are you crafting your work of embracing a spiritual path that relies less on gatekeepers and mediators, and more on your ability to interface with the divine in your daily life?

In what ways are you building structures and putting forth strategic effort to be financially autonomous in ways that you’ve never been before?

Sidereal Astrology Forecast – May 2018

Here is your monthly sidereal astrology forecast for May 2018. We are well under way, but there is plenty in this video to help you navigate the rest of this month.

Watch the video forecast for May 2018 on YouTube.

Major sidereal astrological configurations for the month of May, 2018.

  • May 2 – Mars in Capricorn (View the video horoscope for the 6 month Mars in Capricorn Transit on YouTube.)
  • May 8 – Sun OPPOSITE Jupiter
  • May 9 – Mercury in Aries
  • May 12 – Mercury SQUARE Mars
  • May 14 – Sun in Taurus, Venus in Gemini
  • May 15 – New Moon in Taurus
  • May 23 – Mercury OPPOSITE Jupiter
  • May 25 – Venus OPPOSITE JUPITER
  • May 26 – Mercury in Taurus
  • May 29 – Full Moon in Scorpio


Sidereal Astrology Forecast – April 2018

For a few months now, I’ve been doing live video forecasts for each month. I started on Periscope, but recently moved to YouTube. This month, I decided to record audio in addition to video.  Both are available to stream now.

April 2018 Sidereal Astrology Forecast

Dayna Lynn Nuckolls, The People’s Oracle, talks about the sidereal astrology of April 2018.

Spring cherry blossoms in full bloom for the April 2018 Sidereal Astrology Forecast

Mercury stations direct in Pisces, makes two squares with Saturn. Saturn stations Rx in Sagittarius. And a Venus/Jupiter opposition culminates a story that began in November 2017. Finally, the Full Moon in Libra sets us up for Venus Rx in Libra October 2018.

You can listen to the audio forecast for April 2018 on SoundCloud.

You can watch the video forecast for April 2018 on YouTube.

Mutable Madness! March & April 2018

Mutable Signs, it’s your turn to get that work!

Back in August 2017, in the midst of a deluge of transits in fixed signs, I was looking ahead to now, Spring 2018. It was clear to me then that while Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius where getting that work , the mutable signs would get their chance in due time.

What is mutable, anyway?

Mutable signs are also called bicorporeal—Gemini as the twins, Sagittarius half man and half centaur, and Pisces as two fish. Virgo is the only sign where the constellation for which it was named does not meet this qualification. Still, bicorporeal means taking two forms or having two bodies. Conceptually, this correlates to the theme of the mutable signs. Mutable signs are able to change form and adapt to new information. When your Sun is in a mutable sign your self concept changes based on information encounter and experiences you have.

Mercury and Jupiter as commanding authorities of the Mutable signs tells us much about what these signs mean. Essentially, Mercury is language, symbols, tools, and brotherhood; and Jupiter is meaning, myth, purpose, and friendship. Gemini and Virgo are under Mercury’s command, and Sagittarius and Pisces are under Jupiter.

Of the mutable signs we come to understand:

  • How one knows what they know;
  • What tools are used to complete tasks; and
  • How to interpret what is articulated via language and other symbols.

This is the realm of Mercury and Jupiter. Mercury as Gemini is information. Mercury as Virgo is provable facts. Jupiter as Sagittarius is kinesthetic experience. Jupiter as Pisces intuitive experience.

Do you have mutable signs prominent in your sidereal birth chart? Use this guide to cast your sidereal birth chart to find out.

A Bazi (Chinese Astrology) Primer


Chinese cosmology is a cohesive philosophy that undergirds every aspect of Chinese culture and society. This primer is by no means meant to be a comprehensive treatment of Chinese cosmology. It is, however, meant to serve as an introductory guide to Bazi which is Chinese Astrology, or Four Pillars.

Bazi is Chinese Astrology, this is an introductory primer

Note: When casting your Bazi chart, you must convert your birth time to solar time. You can use this calculator to convert it. Here is a calculator you can use to plot your Bazi chart for you. It is very easy to make a mistake in this process. At some point I may create a guide on how to plot your Bazi chart. For now, you can use the tools I’ve linked above.


Chinese cosmology has a holistic conception of “ming”, or fate/destiny. There are 3 kinds of fate of luck: heaven luck, earth luck, and man luck. These are hierarchical and define both the possibilities and  impossibilities in a person’s life.

All 3 notions of fate, or luck, are beholden to time:

  • Heaven luck is astrology, how celestial phenomena occurring at specified times correlate to affairs on earth and the lives of men;
  • Earth luck is feng shui, the art of scheduling and positioning. It is the orientation of one’s self and life in relationship to the flow of qi (life force or energy);
  • Man luck is how one understands, respects, and works with or against their heaven and earth luck.


Essential to each of these studies of fate is “wu xing” which is the five elements (stages, phases, etc). The five elements are:

  • Wood
  • Fire
  • Earth
  • Metal
  • Water

Each of the five elements takes to forms, a yin form and a yang form giving us 10 primary presentations of qi. Each of these yin/yang forms of qi governs a season. Each season is comprised of 3 animal signs which are earthly manifestations of the qi/element that governs each season. Earth governs the periods between each of the seasons. See figure 1.

Figure 1

5 Elements in Yin/Yang


Each element interacts with every other element in several defined relationships. But the most important interactions between elements are the production cycle and the controlling cycle. Be careful not to assume that relationships is better than the other. Context is everything. When we discover the flow of your chart we will come to understand which relationships are most important to support that flow.


Figure 2

The Productions & Controlling Cycle of the 5 Elements


Bazi means eight characters. The eight characters in your Chinese astrology chart are divided into two groups. The Heavenly Stems and the Earthly Branches. The Heavenly Stems are the pure qi, the five elements in their yin or yang forms. The Earthly Branches are the 12 animals (see Figure 1).

There are four pillars in your Bazi chart. The year pillar, month pillar, day pillar, and hour pillar.

  • Year pillar is grandparents and extended family members, it is your family background and upbringing.
  • Month pillar represents the parents or siblings, employment.
  • Day pillar is the self, spouse, home.
  • Hour pillar is children, aspiration, career.

Each pillar has one heavenly stem at the top, and one earthly branch on the bottom. Each part of the chart is identified in terms of its pillar and whether it’s a stem or a branch. See figure 3.

Figure 3

Sample Bazi Chart

The two most important parts of a Bazi chart are the day stem and the month branch. The day stem is called the daymaster, and the month branch is the season of birth.

Once the daymaster is identified each of the other elements can be identified as well.

  • The daymaster (and its yin or yang counterpart) is the self (friends/enemies, peers, audience). It produces output.
  • The element that the daymaster produces is output (ideas, work ethic, talents, children in the chart of women). It produces wealth.
  • The element that output produces is wealth (assets, father, spouse or partner in the chart of men) it produces influence.
  • The element that wealth produces is officer (authority, superiors, spouse or partner in the chart of women, children in the chart of men). It produces resource.
  • The element that the officer produces is resource (mother, family support and upbringing, education, helpful people). It produces the self.



The flow of a Bazi chart originates with the daymaster and the season. The daymaster can be rooted or not rooted in the season. That means the animal in the earthly branch of the month pillar can be the same as or produce the element in the heavenly stem of the day pillar.

For example, Yi (Yin Wood) daymaster born in Spring (Wood season) or Winter (Water season) is rooted because the element of the season in the month branch matches the element of the day stem. Yi is rooted in Winter because the Water of Winter produces Wood. Yi (Yin Wood). Yi (Yin Wood) born in any other season is not rooted.

Whether or not the daymaster is rooted in the month branch determines the flow of the chart. The flow defines which elements are favorable and which elements are unfavorable to a chart. This is a complicated task that requires an understanding of how the stems and branches interact with each other. That is beyond the scope of this primer.


The Bazi chart and its flow determine the heaven luck you were born with. The annual and 10 (personal) year luck pillars determines when that flow is supported, disrupted or blocked.

Every 10 years, your personal luck pillar changes. Then you enter a new time period with a different focus. See figure 4.

Figure 4

10 Year Luck Pillar for Yi Wood daymaster born Mao Spring

Each year the annual luck pillar changes. It interacts with both your Bazi chart and your personal luck pillar to support, disrupt, or block the flow that your personal luck pillar adjusts every 10 years.

It is this part we focus on in the Bazi – Chinese Astrology Reading.